Executive summary


Scope of work

Method of assessment

Building general area

Fire signage clearly visible

C1-very poor, C2-Poor, C3- fair, C4-Good, C5- Excellent


Average Cost

Management Plan

First aid sign clearly visible

Lighting adequate and operational

Area free from odors

Temperature comfortable

Ventilation is adequate

Stair treads in good condition

Handrails present safe and secure

Electrical sockets/ switches in good condition

Are windows broken

Furniture safe and in good condition

Is there a designated assembly area

Fire prevention and evacuation plans

Evacuation plan visible for all to see in general area

Adequate direction notices for fire exits

Exit doors open easily from inside

Exits clear of obstructions

Paths of travel clear and well defined

Fire extinguishers

Extinguishers in place and clearly marked for type of fire

Extinguishers serviced annually

Are extinguishers SABS approved

Extinguishers clear of obstruction

Indicator signs 2.1m above floor level

Fire hose reels

Fire hose reel in place and regularly serviced annually

Hose reels within 4m of an exit

Hose reel tested

Fire Alarm panel and occupant warning system

Is there a panel OWS system

Is there adequate number of detectors

Are there any alarms displayed

Are there any faults displayed

emergency lighting & general lighting

Good natural lighting

Light fittings clean and in good condition

Emergency lighting operable

Is lighting adequate

Sprinkler system

Is there a sprinkler system present

Are there any visible defects

Is there a test point

Communal kitchen

Drains are they clear and free flowing

Taps free from drips

Is kitchen in good safe condition

Area clear of pests and evidence thereof

communal bathrooms

Guesser in safe area and free from drips

Are there any loose tiles

Are any taps leaking

Is the bathroom in good condition