1. Process Control

Is the HACCP team listed, current & appropriate?

Do the product descriptions cover all products stored at SIW?

Is the Process Flow Chart still correct?

Is the HACCP Hazard Analysis Table & HACCP Table still current?

Was a HACCP review performed in September, as per the internal audit schedule?

Is the Certificate of insurance in the quality manual still current?

2. Product Specifications

Does the product specifications category match current operations?

3. Product Identification & traceability

Does the product identification & traceability document cover current operational processes?

Is the receiving procedure/SOP current?
Is it being followed?

Are checks being done on stock received & dispatched?

4. Approved Supplier Program

Are certificates from key suppliers current?

Are there any suppliers who have changed or need to be added to the approved supplier list?

5. Document Control

Is the quality policy current & signed by management?

Does the description of the QMS cover current operations?

Are the organisational charts up to date?

Are documents adequately controlled in the quality manuals and records ( check documents against document register)?

6. Good Warehouse Practices

Does the preventative maintenance procedure cover all areas requiring preventative maintenance?

Are there records showing preventative maintenance has been taking place?

Is the reclaim SOP being followed and are staff using the damaged stock form to report damages?

Are the premises including fixtures, fitting, equipment and vehicles in good working order?

Is the FoodBank SOP being followed?

7. Cleaning

Is the cleaning SOP being followed?

Are records being maintained for all cleaning activities?

Are vehicles clean and in good condition?

Are staff facilities clean?

Is the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure being verified through the DC verification walk?

Where failures have occurred have CAR's been raised and actioned?

Are MSDS's for all cleaning chemicals available and current?

8. Pest Prevention

Are contractor's credentials up to date?

Are pest control devices located so as to not cross-contaminate product?

Are pest control devices tamper proof?

Is there evidence the pest control contractor is monitoring the effectiveness of the program?

Are corrective action procedures in place when the program is not effective?

Are MSDS'S available for all chemicals pest control chemicals used?

Are external doors sealed to ensure access points for pests are minimised?

Are records of pest control activities and treatments being kept?

9. Calibration

Is the list of equipment to be calibrated up to date?

Is the schedule for internal and external calibration being followed?

Are calibration records being maintained?

10. Verification

Do the weekly verification walk forms cover all weeks?

Have all points noted on the weekly verification walk forms been actioned?

Are internal audits being conducted according to schedule?

Are internal auditors appropriately trained and competent?

Are the results of internal audits communicated and actioned by appropriate staff?

Are audit results reviewed at management quarterly reviews?

11. Training

Are reclaim store persons trained in procedures ( quiz staff )?

Are receivers trained in procedures ( quiz staff )?

Are maintenance staff trained in preventative maintenance requirements?

Are cleaners trained in procedures ( quiz staff )?

Are good warehousing practices/good fresh practices followed by the appropriate staff?

Are skills updated in Pyramid?

12. Corrective Actions (inc.Recall)

Are CAR reports available showing problems, their cause and actions taken?

Are record available of all recalls/withdrawals on site?

Are recalls/withdrawals being actioned appropriately?

13. Customer Focus

Is the customer complaint procedure being followed for all quality related complaints?

Are records available of the customer complaints?

Have actions been taken to correct/prevent the cause of complaints?

Is the customer complaint flow chart current?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.