• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Shop Front External

  • External signage clean, secure and undamaged

  • Fascia clean and undamaged

  • Lobby area in good condition (incl. Lighting & Matting)

  • Stall risers in good condition<br>

  • Pilasters clean and undamaged

  • Main entrance doors fully functional

  • General comments relating to exterior of building
  • Item description

  • Supporting photo

Sales Area(s)

  • Entrance mats - clean, serviceable condition

  • Ceiling clean and undamaged

  • Shop fittings secure and undamaged,

  • Gondola type - GL, GF, GLF

  • Wall fitting type - Keswick or generic

  • Decorative finishes in good condition

  • Lighting fully functional

  • Internal signage secure and undamaged

  • Flooring, take pictures of floor types

  • Dispensary area in good, functional condition,

  • Dispensary style ie bookcase, carousel, medishelves

  • Parent and baby room in good decorative condition

  • Customers stairs in good serviceable condition

  • Customer toilets in clean, serviceable condition

  • Mini lab in a good, operational condition

Store Environment

  • Temperatures within acceptable levels, take pictures of ac cassettes and condensers

  • Ventilation within acceptable levels

  • Acceptable lighting levels, take pictures of lighting

  • General staff welfare and amenities acceptable

  • Cleaning to agreed standards

  • Plant room(s) secure and clean

Back Shop Areas

  • Good decorative order

  • General structure - functional and undamaged

External (specify location as appropriate)

    External Areas (specify location)
  • Location description

  • Good decorative order

  • General structure - functional and undamaged

  • Grounds, clear of rubbish and excessive vegetation

  • Service yards, unobstructed and clear of rubbish

  • Surface water drainage - unobstructed and running clear

  • Boundary walls, fences and gates - secure and undamaged

General comments

  • Store manager feedback

Long term or reoccurring maintenance issues

    Long term or reoccurring maintenance issues
  • Item description

  • Supporting photos

Actions/Next steps

  • Action for store to take forward, brief description of item and name of team member asked responsible

  • Actions for property manager to take forward

Area overview

  • Are there any residents attached to the store and do Boots own and look after them

  • How many stores do we occupy in the immediate area

  • Brief description of area ie affluent, run down etc

  • Is our store being kept to the same standards of the surrounding properties

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