• Is the plant equipment free from product build up?

  • Are valves & valve drip trays free from product build up?

  • Is high level and low level pipe work free from product build up?

  • Are sample points free from product build up / drips?

  • Are mixing / powder areas free from excessive product build up?


  • Is cleaning equipment clean and in good condition?

  • Is cleaning equipment stored correctly?

  • Are the correct brush colours in use?
    Yellow = finished product areas non-food contact areas
    Red = raw product areas
    Blue = food contact surfaces

  • Are yellow floor / drain brushes labelled for floor / drain use?

  • Does cleaning equipment match inventory / shadow board?


  • Is plant equipment free from foreign body risks? (cable ties, tape, miscellaneous)

  • Is plant equipment free from sticky labels or loose posters / notices on the line?

  • Is plant equipment free of any damaged glass / glass like material? (Including lights above line)

  • Is plant equipment free of missing nuts / bolts and absent of nuts / bolts on the floor around the line?

  • Is plant free from 'other' foreign body risks?


  • Are hand washing procedures followed?

  • Is the area absent of personal possessions?

  • Are blue plasters on hands covered by waterproof glove / fingerstall? (Medium risk areas only)

  • Is the area free of any evidence of eating or drinking?

  • Are Operators in the area free of any jewellery, with exception of plain wedding band?


  • Are knee length captive coats being worn as outer layer by all people in the area? (Worn done up / arms not rolled up)

  • Are mop caps worn correctly? (Over hat / over ears / fully covering hair)

  • Are mop caps single use? (Replaced every time removed - breaks etc, medium risk areas only).

  • Are beard snoods worn correctly? (Medium risk areas only)

  • Are safety boots worn in the area captive to the both Site, and the inside of the building? (Exception - emergency evacuations, medium risk areas only).


  • Are records on the line legible and free from scribbling out?

  • Is there document control on records?

  • Are factory one piece pens in use?

  • Are records free from staples?

  • Do records appear to have been filled out correctly?


  • Are all chemicals correctly labelled? (No handwritten sticky labels)

  • Are chemical cabinets locked?

  • Plant equipment free from chemical residue, suggesting chemical leak?

  • Plant free from excessive lubrication?

  • Chemicals locked away as required?


  • Floors clean and free from damage?

  • Walls clean and free from damage?

  • Ceilings clean and free from damage?

  • Drain baskets / traps in place and clean?

  • Pest control - Fly killer units on (bulbs on) / traps fixed in place / doors closed?


  • Are tools correctly controlled?

  • Is the process area free from rust / flaking paint?

  • Is the process area free of temporary repairs?

  • Is there any damage to the process area / equipment?

  • Are Engineers following protocol while servicing equipment?


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  • Finding 1

  • Finding 2

  • Finding 3

  • Finding 4

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