• [Work Area Clearance] Work area and aisles free from protruding! sharp! exposed objects or low overhead structures.

  • [Fire Hazards] Work area free from any fire risks. No bulk flammable so stored on work stations, no open flames, no exposed or damaged electrical wires or equipment.

  • [Safety Equipment] Associates aware of the location of nearest fire extinguisher, first aid kit, AED unit, eye wash station and emergency exit. All safety equipment inspected and I good repair.

  • [Ergonomics] Heavy items store at correct height (between hip and shoulder height) and work station is ergonomically sound.

  • [Personal Protective Equipment] Personal protective equipment (PPE) available and used where necessary (safety glasses, rubber gloves, etc.). Associates wear close toed shoes.


  • [Stations] Necessary, standard labeling, clean

  • [Station Wiring] Necessary, labeled for use, organized, off the floor, no extension cords, surge protector strips OK. No "Daisy-Chain" of surge protectors, no open circuits or power sources

  • [Chairs] Necessary, labeled matches station, good repair

  • [Shelves] Necessary, taped to definition, labeled below bin, tape not torn, clean, stable and in good repair, no falling object hazard

  • [Carts] Necessary, border on floor, standard license plate and parking spot, clean

  • [Supply Cabinets] Necessary, labeled inside, organized and clean

  • [Items on Floor] Necessary, labeled and border if can move and casts shadow (except chairs and footstools), item within border, tape not torn, swept, no slip or trip hazard, aisles and exits free from obstruction, no debris

  • [File Cabinets] Necessary, each drawer labeled, clean


  • [Station/Test Equipment] Necessary, location labeled, clean. Hazards such as moving parts, hot surfaces, pinch points, flying particles, sharp surfaces, exposed blades guarded and/or labeled. Trained in emergency shutdown.

  • [Hand Tools] Necessary, have pink shadow board, good repair; fit for the task, no loose razor blades

  • [Fixtures] Necessary, labeled part number and location, good repair

  • [Office Supplies] Necessary, location labeled, good repair


  • [Line Clearance] One product per work area, WIP Queue taped off

  • [Rejected Material] Segregated and labeled

  • [Pre-assembly] No pre-assembly unless in marked off area

  • [Components] Necessary, labeled with part number, items not mixed

  • [C2 Items] Necessary, no more than one week supply, labeled with location, bulk chemical stored in C2, secondary containers labeled, MSDS available

  • [Personal Items] No personal items


  • [Community Information] Up-to-date, labeled, organized

  • [Documents] No uncontrolled procedures, no notebooks or cheat sheets on station, no paper trash


  • [6Phases] Associate can provide all 6S phases and knows the current phase.

  • [6S Definitions] Associate can define any or all of the 6S phases.

  • [Assigned Responsibility] Lean champion assigned, aware of role

  • [Scheduled Work] Schedule posted, "Owners" aware of tasks

  • [Posted Audits] Previous 6S findings posted and being addressed.


  • Questions/comments from Auditor:

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