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  • I. Running hot and cold water is available

  • II. Manager and crew member are free of illness and symptoms

  • III. Free of adulterated/contaminated products

  • IV. Free of sewer backups

  • V. Free of pest infestation leading to food

  • VI. Free of flood

  • VII. Hand washing sinks are provided, stocked and used properly

  • VIII. Time and temperature controlled for safety

  • IX. No bare hand contact with ready to eat food

  • X. Refrigerated foods held at 41F or below

  • XI. Hot foods at 140 F or above

  • XII. Food is within date code and labeled properly

  • XIII. Packaging is used in an approved manner

  • XIV. Chemicals not stored with food or food Products

  • XV. Products not stored on floor



  • I. Parking lot ,Walkways and building are clean and properly maintained

  • II. D-T lane/walkways is clean, well maintained and attractive to guests

  • IV. Good condition of Building, awnings and Signs and properly illuminated

  • III. Clean and fresh looking menu board, completely filled in including product labels, pricing

  • V. Trash/dumpster area are maintained below a level within clean and functioning properly

  • VI. Healthy, abundant, colorful and attractively maintained Landscaping



  • I. Window and Doors are clean and well maintained

  • II. Ceiling tiles, baseboards, walls and floors are clean and properly maintained

  • III. Tables, Chairs, Highchair and Condiment Racks are clean, sturdy and in good condition

  • IV. Trashcans are clean and in proper working order and less than 80% full

  • V. Restroom ceiling, floors and walls are clean

  • VI. Restroom fixtures and trash cans are clean with no unpleasant odor



  • I. All Promoted products and/or beverages are available and meet specification

  • II. POP is set up in accordance with the plan-o- gram

  • III. Window readiness Checklist is posted

  • IV. Readiness kits, job aids and crew member poster are available



  • I. Employees are providing a pleasant and friendly greeting to the guests

  • II. Guest facing employees can communicate clearly with guests

  • III. Employees understand Six Steps of the service and follow

  • IV. Employees prepare orders accurately

  • V. Employees have knowledge of or can demonstrate resolving guest complaints

  • VI. Employees and Manager are in wrinkle free, clean clothing meeting dress code standards



  • I. Restaurant meets the Drive Thru /Front Counter Speed of Service Goal

  • Guests (click "Add Guest")

  • Guest
  • II. Posts Drive-Thru service with speed times by day part for four weeks

  • III. Meets the standard of SOS DT/FC

  • DP 2

  • DP 3

  • DP Total

  • IV. A manager is scheduled, present and actively managing the shift and coaching

  • V. Employee and Manager understands Shift deployment Chart and in use with

  • VI. Equipments in the restaurant are functioning correctly incl. speakers, headsets and timer

  • VII. Guest is greeted promptly and prepare orders with a sense of urgency

  • VIII. All POS,VDUS,Printers and Scanner Cleaned and Working Properly

  • IX. No Order has stored in any pos



  • I. Coffee equipment meets specification

  • II. Brewed coffee is within shelf life

  • III. Espresso equipment meet specification

  • IV. All beverages and Sandwiches are built correctly

  • V. Bakery Products meet specification

  • VI. Back case products are merchandised and displayed correctly

  • VII. All required products and varieties are available

  • VIII. All food/Beverage products are prepared to recipe

  • IX. All Products are within the Shelf life

  • Coffee Grind Weight and Size

  • Water volume and Tempreture

  • Espresso Shot Secs & steamed milk Temp.& weight

  • Ic 3 Brewer Water Volume and Tempreture

  • Dairy & Suager

  • Island Oasis calibration

  • Water :

  • Sugar :

  • Ice weight :



  • I. Redbook is filled in proper manner

  • II. Ops conncet is done by manager – 1st week of the month

  • III. 3 Months redbook is available

  • IV. Notice board arranged properly

  • V. Sudh management Vision Statement

  • VI. Sudh management :Cell phone Policy

  • VII. Notice board up to dated: Trend Report and Comments & Contact list

  • VIII. Employee health requirement poster available

  • IX. Employee Uniform Poster is posted

  • X. All labor law posters are posted and minor scheduled is being used

  • XI. Stock Room is cleaned and organized properly

  • XII. Front counter: water,Banana,Munchkin boxes,Gift card and Envelope

  • XIII. Filters within Shelf life

  • XIV. Western Pest Control up to dated , Blue light and Sticky paper

  • XV. Baking trays and all equipments are Properly clean

  • XVI. All Equipments are being cleaned and labeled in timely manner

  • XVII. Coke cooler is stocked and arranged with no empty space

  • XVIII. Merchandizing case and Soda Cooler is organized all day long

  • XIX. Sends Variance Report every week

  • XX. Counts Monthly full inventory every month

  • XXI. Any Shortage in DCP

  • XXII. TV is on, muted and Radio is on and working Properly

  • XXIII. All Business licenses are up and Within Expiration

  • 1Point Each (Prev.week)

  • Sale

  • CC


  • GSS







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  • DISTRICT MANAGER (Name and Signature)

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