1 General Inspection

  • 1.1 Check for engineer's report demonstrating structural integrity after modifications (ESR 0004)

  • 1.2 Check fitment of compliance plates

  • 1.3 Check for correct fitting of reflective stripes

  • 1.4 Check for correct fitting of electrical danger signs (if applicable)

2 Controls/Lights

  • 2.1 Check tail, hazard, flashing and marker lights for correct function/damage (where fitted)

3 Structure

  • 3.1 Check frame areas, welds, mounting points for looseness and cracks

  • 3.2 Check for bolt tightness

4 Wheels

  • 4.1 Check rail wheel for condition & correct/match dimensions

  • 4.2 Check wheel bearings for wear & damage - rumble test

5 Wheel Alignment

  • 5.1 Check and if necessary adjust back to back gauge of front and rear guide wheels
    1360mm +0mm / -3mm measured at the wheel/rail interface

  • 5.2 Check and if necessary adjust the alignment of the front and rear guide wheels
    Alignment to be +/- 10mm as specified in EPR 0022

6 Brakes - Support Frame with and without mounted machinery

  • 6.1 Conduct brake test to satisfy minimum requirement (fully loaded support frame moving at walking pace must stop within 5 metres once brake lever released)

  • 6.2 Test parking brake holding ability on 1 in 30 grade

  • 6.3 Brakes normally applied with positive action required to release and keep release. Refer ESR 0001 RSU 731

7 Brake Requirements

  • 7.1 Trolley gauge

  • 7.2 Wheels fitted

  • 7.3 Double flange wheel upgrade (if required)

  • 7.4 Correct wheel bracket angle?

  • 7.5 Brake packers required?

  • 7.6 Brake kit requested

8 Overall Inspection

  • This vehicle has been inspected according to the above guidelines and manufacturers requirements and is deemed to be


  • Comments

10 Inspected by

  • Melvelle Equipment Corp. Pty Ltd

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