Workshop Layout

Area is clean, tidy and well kept?

Adequate storage area provided?

Floor is free of obstructions, slips, trips and falls risks?

There is adequate ventilation?


Temperature is comfortable?

Lighting is adequate?

There is adequate ventilation?

Area is free of odors/ fumes?

Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness

Emergency codes available?

Fire plans on display and accurate depicting exits, assembly points, extinguishers etc,

Emergency wardens allocated to the shift and communicated to staff on duty?

Fire doors close and latch?

Smoke doors close?

Doors wedged?

Exit signs illuminated?

Exit routes unobstructed?

Smoke detectors unobstructed?

Sprinklers unobstructed?

Fire alarms accessible?

Fire extinguishers accessible?

Fire Extinguishers - 6 monthly?

Flammables stored appropriately and secured?

First Aid Management

First aid kit available in the vicinity and workers aware of their location?

First aid kits clearly signed, stocked and contents are in-date?

Emergency contact number for serious injuries displayed?

Security Management

Staff wearing IDs?

Belongings secured?

Electrical Safety Management

Electrical cords and plugs in a safe condition?

Electrical panels accessible? Check

Electrical tag & test in date? Check 3 items

Equipment requiring repair clearly display out of service tag or lock out?

Extension cords are not in use?

Manual Handling Management

Lifting equipment and trolley's available?

Do staff know how to use the Lifting equipment and trolley's?

Where applicable manual handling Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are available?

Step stools or platform ladders available and clearly depict SWL and Australian Standards?

Where applicable personnel in the inspection area are inducted and trained in SOP's?

Storage and mechanical rooms store items at suitable heights? i.e. heavy objects not stored above waist height

Safety Management

Flashlights available?

Storage and mechanical rooms clean?

Storage and mechanical racking systems secured firmly to the ground?

Storage and mechanical area labelled appropriately and organised?

Is the WHS policy poster displayed in the staff room or on the staff notice board

Was WHS discussed at your last staff meeting?

Is there minutes from this meeting?

When was the meeting held?
Utilities Management

Oxygen, Medical Air, Scavenger, LPG Gas, Stream shut off valves labeled? And Accessible?

Guard rails and slip resistant surfaces provided in work area?

Hazardous Materials Management

Appropriate use of utility rooms and storage?

Where applicable personnel in the inspection area are inducted and trained in chemical handling SOP's?

PPE available?

PPE required has signage displayed?

Products properly labeled and stored? i.e. decanted containers and mixers

Safety data sheets are accessible?

Are minimal amounts of corrosive chemicals stored and/or used?

Chemical spill kits are accessible in the vicinity?

Only flammables stored in the flammable liquid cabinet?

Infection Control

Hand-washing observed?

Isolation precautions followed?

Waste Management

Appropriate items in general trash?

Appropriate items in recycling?

Appropriate items in wheelie bins. i.e. limit heavy waste debris?

Appropriate handling of waste streams?

Machinery and Plant Management

Records are kept of maintenance, alterations and inspections?

Load chart (SWL) is provided and legible?

Appropriate guarding installed and maintained?

Keys are not left behind in unattended mobile plant?

Are safe work method statements/ waring signs clearly visible?

Manufactures manual and operator instructions are readily available?

Inspection records are kept for relevant plant and stored against the asset number or serial number?

Pre-start safety checks are carried out in accordance with manufactures manual and operator instructions?

Are records of training kept for appropriately trained personnel in mobile plant?

Emergency stop functions/ buttons tested and are working? Test

Hot Works Management

Are staff trained appropriately in the dangers of performing hot works tasks?

Where applicable personnel in the inspection area are inducted and trained in hot works SOP's?

Hot works PPE available?

Hot works equipment properly labeled and stored? i.e. gas cylinders secured

Hot works areas have adequate ventilation systems installed and/ or working condition?

Hot works signage and warning signs in place and/ or used?

Welding screens used when performing welding taks?

Welding screens tested regularly?

Flammables not stored in the vicinity of hot works tasks?

Recommended Follow-up?
Manager Sign Off
WHS Rep Sign Off
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.