Title Page

  • CRM Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by Regulatory Compliance Unit, Cairns Regional Council

  • Investigating Officer

Location of Inspection

  • Person on site / Business Name

  • Real estate (if applicable)

  • Property address
  • Parcel Number

  • Is pool shared or private?

Approvals and Certificates

  • Do they have a building approval?

  • attachment of building approval with report

  • Is the pool registered?

  • Pool Safety Certificate - Date of issue

  • Pool Safety Inspector

  • Advise QBCC

  • Non-Conformity Notice - Date of issue



  • Is there a pool/spa barrier?


  • Fence materials used?

  • Is mesh barrier 2.4m in height?

  • Is mesh barrier 1.8 high with 450mm cranked top between 90 degrees and 130 degrees?

  • What materials are used?

Barrier (Structural)

  • Does the barrier meet load test?

  • Is the structure's material durable?

  • Is barrier free of sharp edges, sharp projections, entrapping spaces and similar hazards?

  • Is the fence in good repair ?

  • Are repairs beyond scope of minor repairs?

  • Advise pool owner that a replacement fence is required.

  • Is a temporary fence in place?

  • Has temporary fence been in place for > 3 months?

  • Is a temporary pool fence required ?

  • Advise pool owner that a replacement fence is required.



  • no label
  • Click "Add Gate" for each gate inspected

  • Gate
  • Is the gate self closing?

  • Does the gate open away from pool enclosure?

  • Are the hinges a minimum of 900mm apart?

  • 60 degree safety caps fitted to bottom hinge?

  • no label
  • Does the gate self latch?

  • Are all latch releases located correctly?

  • Are all latch release mechanisms shielded?

  • Are latching heights compromised by climbable members?

  • Additional photo's

Height, Gaps, Horizontals & Verticals, Intersecting fences


  • Height of barrier at least 1200mm high ?


  • Are gaps under gate and barrier <100mm

Horizontals and verticals

  • Distance between rails & footholds > 900mm

  • Horizontal members correctly spaced

  • The top surface of the highest of the lower group of horizontal members is to be at least 1000mm below the top of the fencing

  • Gaps between vertical members are no greater than 100mm (deflection included)?

Intersecting fences

  • Are there any intersecting fences?

  • Top part of intersecting fence not greater than 50mm

  • Are NCZ on intersecting fence shielded?

Non Climable Zones

Non Climable Zones (NCZ)

  • no label
  • NCZ complies (external 900mm)?

  • Additional clear area complies?

  • Upper NCZ complies (900mm)?

  • Internal clear areas comply (300mm)?

  • NCZ complies 1800mm fences?

  • Are there any footholds on the fence in the NCZ ?

  • Fence provides continuous NCZ?

Doors / Windows / Openings


  • Is there a balcony providing access to the pool?

  • Is balcony < 1.8m from ground level?

  • Is balustrade 1.2m height?

  • Is balustrade non climbable?

  • Is balustrade rigid and of durable material?

  • Are horizontal members correctly spaced?

  • Are gaps compliant?

  • Is the NCZ protected? I.e trellis


  • Is there direct access to the pool from the house?

  • Are child-resistant doorsets fitted?

  • Do the doorsets operate correctly?

  • Are the doors fixed shut or restricted to 100mm?

  • Are windows restricted to 100mm openings?

  • Are windows grilled?

  • Do windows require grills or restrictions?

  • No climbable objects within NCZ?

Other (signage, waterways, structures, indoor spas)

Resuscitation signage

  • Is there compliant signage?

  • Is the signage appropriately displayed?

Indoor/Rooftop Pools & Spas

  • Is there a compliant barrier with compliant gates and or doors which comply with QDC?

  • Does door or gate swing away from pool area?


  • Is waterway being used as part of pool barrier?

  • Is the waterway min 1.8m width & min 300mm depth (permanent)?

  • Are denial panels fitted / compliant?

  • Is waterways compromised by branches or other climbable objects?

Structure within pool enclosure

  • Are any structures within the pool enclosure non-compliant? (Doesn't have one side permanently open)



  • Spoken to owner / occupier?

  • Insert comments about discussion

  • Add signature

  • Select date

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