Preliminary requirements

  • Required signs

  • Condition of road & footpath

  • Conditions of consent checked

  • Check survey received

  • Soil Erosion controls in place

  • Trees protected

  • On site material storage

  • Sydney Water approval plan

  • Bushfire conditions discussed

  • Excavated material disposal?

  • Engineers details reviewed?

  • Preliminary Requirements

Fibreglass Pools

  • Section applicable?

  • Excavation to even bearing

  • Sand / Cement packing

  • Bond beam reinforcement

  • Pool levels as per plan

  • Boundary clearance as per plan

  • Fibreglass Pools

Concrete Pools

  • Section applicable?

  • Excavation to even bearing

  • Reinforcement properly placed

  • Proper steel cover

  • Boundary clearance as per plans

  • Pool levels as per plan

  • Pool plumbing complete

  • Concrete Pool


  • Section applicable?

  • Pool barrier location as per plan

  • Boundary barrier - NCZ

  • Internal barrier - NCZ

  • Gate swing, latch location & self closing

  • Clearance beneath barrier less than 100mm

  • Location of pool filter equipment -satisfactory - advice

  • Fencing non combustible in bush fire zones?

  • Windows to pool zone protected?

  • Resuscitation chart

  • Fencing


  • Section applicable?

  • Pool barriers completed

  • Approved Resuscitation Chart displayed in pool zone

  • Plumbing and filter equipment complete?

  • BASIX Commitments complete

  • Approved structures only within the pool zone?

  • Fencing


  • Comments

  • Photos


  • Recorded on computer

  • Inspector's Name & Signature

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