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  • Cairns Regional Council - Water & Waste - Operations - Waste Water Reticulation
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PCBU Details

  • Cairns Regional Council - Water & Waste Department - Operations - Waste Water Reticulation ABN - 24 310 025 910

Pump station sites this SWMS applies too

  • Pump Station Name?

Relevant Legislation:

  • WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulation 2011, Plant COP 2005, Traffic Management for construction or maintenance work COP 2008

Relevant training

  • Blue/white card, Manual Handling, Traffic Control Level 2 , Vehicle Loading Crane

Relevant PPE for these activities/tasks

  • Hard hats if working with vehicle loading crane, high visibility clothing including long sleeve shirts and long trousers, safety glasses, hearing protection if working around or in noisy environments, gloves, traffic signage, traffic safety cones, first aid kit

Record on staff induction

  • Name of staff member inducted

  • Person inducted
  • Signature of inducted employee

  • Select date

  • Name of staff member or other if not in list

  • Add signature

Vehicle pre-start checks

  • Prior to starting shift, the work vehicle is to have had a pre-start check completed and log book information completed

  • Vehicle & (loading crane if applicable) pre-start

  • Acknowledge & date
  • Has a pre-start vehicle (and vehicle loading crane if applicable) check been completed as per Fleet log book requirements?

  • Select date

Hazards & Controls

  • Potential hazards - uncontrolled/uncoordinated work site, no understanding of required safety methods, no coordination of emergency situations, no understanding of PPE requirements, others as may be identified

  • Has a Pre-start briefing/discussion taken place and controls agreed upon at each pump station site?

  • Select date


SWMS - Working on or adjacent to a road or railway

  • Applicable sites to this SWMS

  • Potential hazards/contact types/hazards:
    *Struck by moving objects (vehicles, powered plant, equipment
    *Fall, trips & slips
    *Interaction with members of the public (pedestrians)
    *Being structure by road or rail traffic

  • Other hazards not already identified?

  • Statement of possible controls to be implemented:
    Park vehicle so not to unduly obstruct motorists vision
    Leave a clear path of escape
    Install traffic hazard signs as per MUTCD Part 3 or CRC developed plans
    Install traffic safety cones to delineate work area/site
    All workers will remain in work zone whilst completing job task
    High visibility work wear/PPE is to be worn

  • Person in control signature for for each site this SWMS applies

  • Signature for each site this SWMS applies
  • Signature

  • Select date

Inspection Pre-Test

  • Inspection Pre-Tests Completed?

  • Acknowledge
  • Before work starts - competent person on site will inspect:- switchboard operational indicators (lamps etc), test run pumps and check amperage, visually inspect pump operation & check level control devices - Note: monthly test of paging of high level alarm at each site

  • Pump station pre-tests completed?

  • Select date

Wet well cleaning

  • Hazards identified and reviewed as acceptable

  • Acknowledge
  • Associated hazards:- trip, slips & falls into well

  • Have the hazards associated with this activity been reviewed and possible controls implemented? <br>Possible controls:- arrange hoses so not to become a trip hazard, (if deemed necessary) harnesses & fall protection system implemented, NO PERSON is to enter well for cleaning purposes, all cleaning is to completed from surface level

  • Select date

Other hazards identified on site or other that have not been included

  • Please add each identified hazard not included in this SWMS

  • Add hazard

Supervisor review and sign off (End of month)

  • As the supervisor I have monitored and reviewed this SWMS and activities on a regular basis

  • Add any comments from monitor and review of this SWMS

  • Add signature

  • Select date

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