Scrubber time remaining

O2 and Diluent gas analysis

Oxygen percentage

Diluent percentage

Mushroom valves

Check inhalation mushroom valve

Check exhalation mushroom valve


Turn on secondary and record O2 millivolt values in air (8.5mv - 14mv)

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

O2 check

O2 valve turn on then off

Check for pressure drop (30 SECONDS)

Open O2 valve

Negative pressure test

Open DSV/BOV and collapse counter lungs


Check for leaks with PO2 readings (CHECK FOR 1 MINUTE)

Positive pressure test

Close OPV and fill with O2

OPV engages, check for leaks (CHECK FOR 1 MINUTE)

Evacuate loop and close DSV/BOV

O2 loop flush

Close OPV and fill with O2

OPV engages

Open DSV/BOV and close DSV/BOV

Record oxygen pressure


Calibrate secondary display (98%)

Check and record internal volts (3.6 volt battery)


Sensor 1 (40-67mv)

Sensor 2 (40-67mv)

Sensor 3 (40-67mv)

Turn primary LED on (all 3 blink red and green)

3 rapid presses in 1 second to calibrate (red for 5 seconds)

Solenoid check

Set point to high, greater than 1 and listen for solenoid firing

Check and record external voltage > 6volts (4.5)

Set points

Menu to dive set up

Set and record LOW set point

Set and record HIGH set point

Return set point to .19

Diluent checks

Diluent valve turn on then off

Check for pressure drop (30 SECONDS)

Open Diluent valve

ADV and alt air source checks

Check BOV operation

Check bailout operation,leaks and fill pressure

ADV breathe and drop loop PO2

Check BCD inflate and deflate

Record Diluent pressure


Complete pre dive safety checks and per breathe OR
Close O2 and Diluent valves
Turn off primary and secondary displays

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