Title Page

  • Product Type

  • Cast Number

  • Casting Date

  • Inspection By

  • Inspection Date

  • Todays Inspection Number

  • Bed Number

  • Cube Strength -


  • Beam Type

  • CS120 - wire pattern.png
  • CS160 wire pattern.png
  • CS225 Wire Pattern.png
  • Actual Length (L)

  • Label Length

  • Within +/- 25mm

  • Camber measurement

  • Camber allowance L/300

  • Is actual Camber <L/300


  • Wires within +/- 10mm of reference positions?

  • Are wires flush with end of beam?

  • If the answer to any of the above is “No” report to foreman as “NON-CONFORMANCE”

  • Has the issue been reported to the Foreman for action to be taken?


  • Recommendations (If necessary)

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