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  • Appearance of the Grapes<br>- Colour of the grapes <br>- Stems -Strong, green with no dehydration<br>-Bunches - well formed as per variety<br>-Berries firmly attached

  • Sensory:<br>- Berries are firm to touch<br>- Berry flesh is clear & translucent<br>- Taste - Sweet & juicy.<br>- Brix over 16 (average)<br>

  • Shatter:<br>- 5% allowance by weight per carton<br>- Loose berries per bag


  • Minor Defects:<br>-Colour: >10% not well coloured<br>- Skin marking and scarring; wind rub etc, minor healed wounds,splits and damage <br>- Sunburn <br>- Slightly shrivelled berries <br>- Undersize berries (12-17mm, >10% Allowance; must be a cluster of 5 or more undersize on a bunch) <br>- Pitting affecting visual appearance<br>

  • Major Defects:<br>- ROTS, BREAKDOWN & MOULD <br>- Weak bunches, high levels of shatter <br>- Excessive amount to juice/liquids found on the bottom of carton.<br>- Physical damage; squashed and split fruit; crushed berry <br>- Fumigation burn/bleaching<br>- SO2 damage <br>- Bi coloured berries or light patches on the skin <br>- Temperature/ Chilling injury <br>- Dry discoloured dehydrated stems <br>- Brown berries

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  • CRITICAL:<br>-Fail Biosecurity requirements<br>-Fail FSANZ Food Safety requirements<br>-Foreign matter or plant material present



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