• Name of Observer:

  • Name of Dual Observer:

  • Name of Observee:

  • Course Code:

  • Curriculum Area:

  • Type of Provision:

  • No of Students Present:

  • No of Students on Register

  • % Attendance Plus % attendance over the last 3 weeks

  • Gender Split (M/F)

  • Title/Topic:

  • Documentary Evidence (Tick all that apply)

The Observation Record

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

  • How well do learners arrived prepared to start the session?

  • How well are learners engaged at start of session

  • How do learners interact with each other and respect each others views?

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • How well are Group/Individual Objectives used to stretch learners

  • How well is session planned to take into account individual learner needs taking into account starting points

  • How well do the learners benefit from the subject knowledge of lecturers/assessors

  • How well are learners making progress - against session/unit/module

  • How well are alI learners supported to reach their potential

  • To what extent is ILT/E-Learning/ Digital technology promoted and embedded. How effective is this in developing learners skills

  • How well do learners receive constructive feedback so they can improve their skills knowledge and understanding

  • How well are opportunities planned to promote E&D, British Values, positive role models and safe working practice

  • Are learners making sufficient progress over the unit to achieve their target grade?


  • How well does assessment meet individual learning objectives/targets

  • Do learners benefit from challenging differentiated questioning to assess progress

  • How well are English/Communication/ Maths promoted and delivered and skills developed

  • Is the learning environment meeting industry standards, including health & safety

  • Learners Views Do learners know their targets? What feedback do learners get? Does this help them improve? Are learners enjoying sessions? What have they learned/skills developed? What happens if they fall behind?

  • Is LSA support planned and used effectively to support learners additional needs

  • Identified Good Practice to be shared

  • State method of dissemination

Observation Standards

Action Plan

  • Evidence of effective planning to meet all learners' individual needs

  • Actions

  • Evidence that all learners are inspired and challenged to maximise individual learner progress

  • Actions

  • Evidence that learners are making good or better progress at the expected level. Know what to do to improve, based on clear and constructive feedback.

  • Actions

  • Evidence that teaching develops learners' personal, social and employablity skills

  • Actions

  • To evidence what all learners need to do to improve.

  • Actions

  • Is a Re-observation required?

  • Signature Observer:

  • Select date

  • Signature Observee:

  • Select date

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