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Entrance, office, and kitting areas

  • Are all gangways clear of obstruction?

  • Is personal protective equipment available for use and being used? (eg. Safety Vests, Goggles, Shoes)

  • Are there any Trips/Slips or Hazards in the area.

  • Any holes or defects with the floor.

  • Is fire equipment free of obstacles and readily available, serviced, and tagged in this area.

  • Are lights clean and working in this area.

  • Are emergency exits Clear? Are exit doors clearly marked? Are exit corridors clear?

  • Are fork lift trucks scaff tags signed and in date..

  • Are fork lift keys correctly tagged and removed from trucks when not in use.

  • Do the technicians have any safety concerns.

  • Are bins being emptied regularly.

  • Are tea kits being stores safely, not in the pedestrian walkways.

  • Is equipment and materials stored in correct locations.

  • Puwer identification visible.

  • Ladders serviceable and stored correctly. ( AL141, 1135)

  • Are Technicians following the correct procedures.

Racking areas

  • Are products being stored correctly in the racking.

  • Is there any broken glass or any broken hard plastics?

  • Are lights clean and working?

  • Is racking free from damage?

  • All racking secure?

  • Are emergency exits Clear? Are exit doors clearly marked? Are exit corridors clear?

  • Has the weekly racking check up to date.

Understanding Safe working behaviour

  • On asking a Safety Question was it answered correctly.

  • Is there any unnecessary or excessive bending or stooping whilst working?

  • Are employees aware of other first aiders? (Ask)

  • Are correct manual handling techniques being followed?

  • Were the technicians working in a safe manner.

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