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Area Walkthrough

  • Emergency exits and exit routes are clean and clear of debris or anything that might hinder an evacuation. Pallets, stands, trailers, or staged materials are not blocking exit routes?

  • Fire extinguisher access is not blocked, are off the ground, and have a sign?

  • Emergency eyewash and shower stations are not blocked from access. Stations are in good working condition, and have ID tag with updated weekly inspections?

  • First Aid kits, 1st Responder kits, and AEDs are not blocked from access, and are in good condition (where applicable)?

  • Good housekeeping practices are being used within the dept. (in general)? Garbage or debris isn't cluttering floors or working surfaces? Garbage or recycle bins are not overflowing?

  • Material, equipment, or staged items are located in a manner as to not create a slip/trip/fall hazard? Materials and equipment are stored in the correct locations?

  • Electrical extension cords and power cords are in good condition? Power and extension cords are free from tape, denting, frays, or exposed wiring?

  • Electrical cabinets are closed, have 36" of clearance all around, and access is not blocked (nothing stored on them)?

  • Chemicals or flammable liquids (in any form) are being properly used and are stored in an approved container? All chemicals have proper labeling and are stored in the proper location(s)?

  • EE's are wearing appropriate PPE for the work areas they are located in and for the tasks they are conducting?

  • Noise level (other than from manufacturing processes) is within acceptable levels?

  • Portable ladders are in good condition (no denting, feet pads present, labels intact), and when not being actively used are in the stored position (secured)?

  • PITs are operating in a safe manner, and are parked/staged correctly? If Dept. has charging stations, the area is labeled, has fire protection, spill kit, and PPE for charging activities?

  • Fall protection is being used when necessary and is in good condition?

  • Compressed gas cylinders are stored in a safe location, are secured correctly, and are either caped or have regulators on them. If not in a cart, CGS are chained to a structural wall and are out traffic?

  • Pneumatic, power, and hand tools are in good condition, are stored correctly when not being used, and have all appropriate guarding? Tools or equipment isn't modified in any manner outside the manufacturers intended use?

  • Fixed ladders are in a safe condition, are not damaged and are not blocked from EE access? Fixed ladders are free from oil, grease, dirt, and/or rusting?

  • If LOTO, confined space, hot work, or live work is being conducted; it is being conducted within OSHA and JJKA program compliance? If permitting is required, permits are filled out correctly?

  • Machine safeguarding is in good condition, is effective and is not being bypassed or modified?

  • Associates, contractors, and vendors in the area have ID badges that are visible?


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