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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

  • START INSPECTION - 1000 points are awarded. Points are deducted for each issue found.

4.1  Protective clothing

  • 4.1.4  Is all hair completely enclosed by the mob cap/hair net, covering the ears? (Hair cover must be attended to before any other protective clothing, except shoes)

  • Hair not correctly covered?

  • Occurrence
  • Deduct 10 points

  • 4.1.5      Is all footwear worn in the production areas provided by the company and kept in good condition? (Reusable rubber shoes or disposable safety overshoes may be used for visitors if factory issued footwear is not available)

  • Shoes not company issue or in bad condition

  • Occurrence
  • 4.1.7  Are beard snoods worn for all beards and moustaches, ensuring that all hair is covered? (Sideburns extending below the ear and moustaches must be trimmed and well maintained)

  • Beard/Moustaches not covered?

  • Occurrence
  • 4.1.9  Is the use of string or any other material liable to fray excluded from workwear? (If a belt is required, its type should be reviewed by the Site Quality Manager to ensure that it does represent a risk to the product)

  • Workwear is frayed or uses string?

  • Occurrence
  • Add media

  • 4.1.15 Are all plastic aprons brightly coloured (not same colour as the food) and where used are non-disposable apron cleaned and sanitised regularly?

  • How many aprons are not coloured or dirty?

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