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  • Procedures must be in place to manage all incidents and potential emerging issues which could affect food safety, legality and quality

  • Procedures should include:

  • Disruptions to distribution, water and energy supplies, labour and communications

  • Fire, flood and other natural disasters

  • Sabotage and malicious contamination

  • Vandalism and terrorism

  • Food safety, legality and quality issues

  • The likelihood of the occurrence of the above issues must be risk assessed


  • Key contact information must be maintained including:

  • Internal contacts (in and out of hours)

  • Customers (in and out of hours)

  • Suppliers (raw materials and services)

  • Government / enforcement bodies

  • Certification bodies / schemes


  • A communication plan must be in place to manage potential incidents


  • Each site must have a recall plan in the event that food safety or legality is in doubt

  • The procedure must include in detail:

  • How to report an incident to Tesco

  • The full process of traceability identifying key points in production and distribution

  • How product will be withdrawn or recalled from distribution and sale

  • All affected products must be located within 4 hours of the withdrawal / recall being started

  • Reconciliation of product must be verified against production records

  • The withdrawal / recall of Tesco brand products from Tesco stores will be managed by Tesco


  • There must be a trained incident management / recall team with named deputies

  • There must be contactable cover at all times


  • A mock recall/incident must be undertaken to test the effectiveness of, and the incident management teams understanding of, the recall plan and incident management procedures (minimum annually)

  • The results of the test must be investigated and where corrective action is required this must be implemented

  • The recall plan must be tested outside of normal office hours at least every two years

  • Site retains all records as evidence of completing mock incident challenges and not just a summarised outcome

  • Mock recall is not confused with traceability - the mock recall process is to test effectiveness of procedures

23.7 - REVIEW (BASE)

  • The detail contained within the recall plan / incident management procedures e.g internal and external contact details (including Tesco specific contact details) must be reviewed minimum annually. This can form part of the undertaken mock recall / incident undertaken

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