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  • The site must ensure that all personnel performing work relating to product safety, legality and quality are competent to carry out their activity, through training, work experience or qualification.

  • The competency must be verified (e.g. through evaluation, examination or testing.)


  • All relevant personnel, including agency, temporary staff and contractors must have a documented and recorded induction training programme prior to commencing work and be adequately supervised throughout the working period.

  • The induction may include the following, although this is not an exhaustive list : - food safety - personal hygiene procedures and rules<br>- foreign object controls including glass breakage procedure - pest reporting process - health and safety<br>- site specific procedures

  • Food handlers must have a basic understanding of food safety before they start work.

  • In the event that the induction content is updated or changed, all personnel must be trained in all updated or changed sections.


  • All food handlers must complete food safety training within 3 months of starting work, e.g. Level 2 Food Hygiene in the UK or local equivalent


  • Training must be delivered by competent and capable personnel.


  • The level of language understanding must be known for all personnel (including agency or temporary personnel).

  • The site must provide information, instruction, training and supervision in an understandable format for all workers, irrespective of their national origins, first language or literacy.

  • This may be translated documents, pictorial training aids, use of a translator.

  • The level of understanding must be commensurate to the importance of their role.


  • Records of all training must be available. Where training is undertaken by agencies on behalf of the site, records of the training must be available.

  • This must include as a minimum: - the name of the trainee - the date of the training - the title or course contents, procedures covered<br>- the training provider - evidence of successful training - copies of certificates may form part of these records e.g. Safe use of chemicals<br>- signature of trainer - signature of trainee indicating that they have understood the training - when refresher training is required

  • The competency of employees must be reviewed at defined intervals and re-training undertaken where necessary.

  • Where competency tests are used, wrong answers are reviewed with, and corrected by the trainee to demonstrate full understanding.


  • Documented and agreed job descriptions (or working instructions) must be available for all personnel.

  • All personnel must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in their job roles.

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