• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • DBH (cm)

  • HEIGHT (m)

  • WIDTH (m)

  • Age Class

  • Photo of Tree in relation to site

  • Sketch of site plan


  • Branch Unions

  • Live Growth/ Canopy Cover

  • Deadwood %

  • Pest/ Disease Infestation

  • Has the tree been pruned for line clearance?

  • Epicormic Growth

  • Decay/ Bracket Fungi

  • Tree Stability

  • Photos


  • Wounds

  • Root Disturbance

  • Distance from driveway

  • Is this distance appropriate?

  • Is the tree causing damage?

  • Potential for Damage

  • Photos


  • Does the tree form part of an avenue

  • Does the tree have significance to the streetscape?

  • Is there clear vision?

  • Is pedestrian access clear?

  • Is vehicle access clear?

Risk Ananlysis

  • Chance of Failure

  • Consequence of Failure

  • Priority


  • Further Action

  • Are Contractors Required?

  • Estimated Time

  • Further Notes

  • Contact Method

  • Sign

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