• Date and Time of Inspection

Essex Cement

Tool Room

  • Exits free from obstruction

  • Extension cords free of splices/cuts

  • Housekeeping: Tools put away, Shelving not overloaded, Neat and tidy appearance

  • Emergency Exit signs working

  • Flammables stored in cabinet

Lunch Room

  • Emergency Exit signs working

  • Safety Posters hung and up to date

  • Housekeeping: Neat and Tidy in appearance, Clothes stored in lockers, Uniforms in Bin

Loadout Area

  • Control rooms clean

  • Area free of debris, boxes neatly stacked, neat in appearance

  • Ready Racks in good condition and drivers are using properly

  • Printer Booths clean

  • All ceiling and wall lights working

  • Emergency Exit signs working properly

  • Drivers wearing required PPE

MCC Room

  • Floor is free of debris

  • MC Buckets marked and covers closed

  • Conduits and receptacle covers intact and in good condition

Compressor Room

  • Machine Gaurding in place

  • Filters clean and in place

Silo Roof

  • Free from objects that could blow off

  • Are new cracks present

  • all hanging lights secure

Dock Area

  • Containers neat and in good condition

  • Whip Checks in place on air hoses

  • Discharge piping in good condition

  • Barge gangway netting in good condition

  • Discharge hoses blocked to prevent walking underneath


  • Tire protection in place

  • Engine rooms neat and clean

  • Containment area secure with stoppers in place

  • Tool area in good condition

  • Machine Gaurding in place

  • All elevated work platforms protected by guardrails


  • All workers wearing required PPE

  • Dust masks, gloves, safety glasses, hard hats available for use

Safe Work Practices

  • Confined Space Entry in progress

  • LOTO in progress

  • Hot Work in progress

Rigging and Safety Equipment

  • Hoists, chains, and rigging in good condition

  • Eye Wash Solution within expiration period

  • First Aid Supplies within expiration period

  • Fall Harnesses and Lanyards in good condition with all tags present

  • Ladders checked monthly with rating labels visible

  • Fire Extinguishers checked Monthly with pins in place

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