Type of traffic control being used

Do all members have the correct PPE for this site, and is it in good condition and presentable?

Are RA/MS available on site and are they in good condition and up to date?

Has all site paperwork been issued, signed and is it relevant and correct for the works being carried out

Where there any site specific instructions issued and are they being carried out

What where the site staff doing when you arrived?

Have the vehicle checks been completed, are there any issues and is the vehicle in a good and presentable condition?

Does the site comply with the relevant drawing, RA/MS, ACOP, and chapter 8?

Are all signs secured, footways clear, and drives and junctions clear of obstructions?

What was the general state of the traffic management equipment/ system being used?

Where the operatives briefed correctly b y the operations team, is the information suitable for the site and is there anything that can be improved upon

(AMEY), VFL conversation.. has a VFL conversation been carried out with the site staff and is there any feedback?

(AMEY), Environmental assessment of site. Has an environmental assessment been carried out for this site, and was one required?

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