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  • Recently there has been a increase in hand injuries sustained by workers using hand power tools.

    All of these injuries have caused serious lacerations to hands and fingers.

  • Three issues seem to be the cause of a majority of POWER TOOL injuries. 1. Equipment is not tested and tagged or tags are out of date. 2. Safety equipment has been removed. For example grab handles on portable grinders 3. Incorrect blades being used, for example timber blades when cutting metals and plastics

  • Using your tools

  • You must only use equipment that is fit for purpose has a current electrical tag and fitted with the requisite safety guards. If equipment is not tagged or safety guards are removed you will be told to stop using the equipment until rectified.

  • GUARDS: Guards need to be fitted to prevent exposure to moving blades. There is no excuse for using a saw or grinder that has no guard.

  • HANDLES - Grab handles need to be fitted to hand held grinders. The absence of grab handles creates instability, loss of control when cutting and risk of injury.

  • BLADES - Blades need to be suitable for the material being cut. Ensure the speed rating for the blade is higher than the rating of the tool being used.

  • TESTED & TAGGED - Make sure your equipment is Tested & Tagged and within the next test date.

  • Now we have some Questions for all of you !

  • If you notice your Power tool is damaged - what do you do ? (any reasonable response is fine - you should mark as damaged and stop using it)

  • What do you do if you notice a power cord sitting in water ? (Stop using the item, Turn off the power, and Notify the supervisor)

  • Does anyone have any questions about Power Tool Safety ?

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