• Sub arc welding station

  • Conducted on

  • By

  • Photo required.

Column and boom

  • Are base mounting bolts tight?

  • Check guide rolls for wear ,adjust and grease as required.

  • Check limit switches and cables for damage.

  • Check AC drive motor cog and chain for wear.

  • Check operation of brake, Adjust as required.

Checks with column and boom isolated.

  • Has column and boom been isolated?

  • Check AC motor cable condition and connection tightness.

  • Check panel and clean as required.

  • Check tightness of electrical terminations.

  • Check terminations in DC motor terminal box.

  • Check condition of pendant a ad cable. Check terminations inside pendant. Repair or replace parts as required.

  • Check terminations in DC motor terminal box.

Reinstate column and boom power.

  • Check all operations.

  • Check contractors for excess arcing and noise.

  • Check indicator lamps and replace as required.

Checks to welder with power off.

  • Has welder been isolated

  • Remove covers and clean as required.<br><br><br>

  • Check electrical connections for tightness and signs of heat damage.<br><br><br>

  • Check machine front switches and sockets for damage.<br><br><br>

  • Check power and earth cables for damage.<br><br><br>

  • Check indicator lamps and replace as required.

  • Check operation of cooling fan on power up.

  • Replace covers and any missing bolts.

Welding head

  • Check control box and brackets are securely fixed.

  • Check electrical connections to control box are tight.

  • Check head securing bolts are tight.

  • Check electrical connections to weld head are tight.

  • Check condition of flux recovery system.

  • Check air supply for moisture and drain trap.

  • Check condition of wire feed motor.

Additional Comments

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