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  • BOST Group Tracked Jaw Crusher Competency

    jaw crusher
  • Person being assessed:

  • Assessors Name

  • Only a qualified, experienced supervisor from the list can perform this competency test.

Pre-shift Planning

  • Is this person competent at;

  • Clarifying work location, task and work instructions?<br>Traffic management plan ?<br>Restricted Areas

  • Ensuring that any required permits are completed / obtained ?

  • Identifying environmental hazards in the work area including;<br>Inclement weather<br>Dust<br>Fog<br>Poor Lighting / Reduced Visibility<br>

  • Identifying other site hazards;<br>Powerlines<br>Underground services including power, gas, sewer, water<br>Trenches, Soft ground<br>Unexploded Ordinance<br>Benches<br>Dial before you Dig

  • Ensuring that correct refuelling and daily maintenance procedures are followed ?

  • Wearing and fitting all the necessary PPE ? <br>Hard hat, boots, safety glasses / goggles, hearing protection, gloves, isolation padlock, high visibility long sleeve clothing

  • Identifying the correct emergency response procedures ?<br>Channel 11, Emergency, Emergency, Emergency <br>State the nature of the incident<br>Location<br>Resources required<br>Do not attempt help if too dangerous

  • Finding MSDS / SDS (safety data sheets) and understanding their contents ?

Pre-Start Inspection

  • Locating, identifying and using supplied spill kits if necessary ?

  • Complete and document a daily Pre-Start Inspection on an approved BOST Group Pre-Start Checklist Sheet.

  • Is this person competent at checking from ground level:

  • All Danger Tags, tools or rags have been removed from the machine ?

  • Condition of access ladders, walkways and platforms?

  • Condition of handrails?

  • Condition of emergency stops and labels?

  • Condition of fire extinguisher?

  • Condition of hydraulic hoses and telescopic rams?

  • Level of grease pot and condition of lines if autogrease module is fitted ?

  • Identifying the location of all nip points on machine ?

  • Identifying the location of all grease points on machine ?

  • Identifying the feed bin ?

  • Identifying the vibrating feeder / apron feeder ?

  • Identifying the main conveyor ?

  • Identifying the jaw crusher ?

  • Identifying the magnet belt (if fitted) ?

  • Identifying the tracks and chassis ?

  • Identifying the power train ?

  • Chassis, conveyor frame and bin for cracks and/or damage?

  • Condition of tracks, assemblies and track tension ?

  • Checking drive couplings for wear or misalignment ?

  • Condition of Feeder bin structure and vibrating / apron feeder ?

  • Condition of jaw liners and cheek plates ?

  • Condition of conveyor belting and skirting rubber ?

  • Condition of belts scrapers and plows ?

  • Condition of guards. Are they all fitted ?

  • Head and Tail Drum bearings ?

  • Condition of chutes ?

  • Is this person competent at:

  • Checking radiator level? (Only when engine is cold) and if a radiator is fitted.

  • Checking engine oil level?

  • Checking hydraulic oil level?

  • Checking fuel level?

  • Checking air cleaner(s)?

  • Checking battery & battery leads?

  • Checking engine for leaks?

  • Checking fan and alternator belts?

  • Checking radiator hoses and clamps?

  • Assessor Signature

  • This person is competent at performing a pre-start on this jaw crusher.

Start Up:

  • After Pre-Start, the jaw crusher is ready to start up.

  • Is this person competent at:

  • Checking that the area around jaw crusher is clear before startup ?

  • Starting the engine without revving?

  • Allowing the engine to idle for approximately 2-5 minutes to warm up.

  • Is this person competent at checking the following whilst engine is warming up

  • Lights

  • Gauges

  • Oil or fluid leaks ?

  • Checking for First Aid Kit ?

  • The jaw crusher is now ready for work.

Tramming / Walking Jaw Crusher

  • Is this person competent at performing the following once the engine has warmed up

  • Adjusting engine speed from idle to full speed to move onsite and adjusting from full speed back to idle for tramming into or out of workshop and onto or off a float ?

  • Engaging track mode by selecting switch or moving levers ?

  • Locating the umbilical / doglead remote handset and ensuring that it is correctly attached ?

  • Maximus Dogleads

    Maximus Doglead Instructions.PNG
  • Portafill Dogleads - Old Style

    Portafill Doglead Part No. 8524.PNG
  • Portafill Dogleads - New Style

    Portafill Doglead Part No. 14393.PNG
  • Gasparin Dogleads

    Gasparin Doglead Remote.PNG
  • Rotating the handset so that the steering controls are correctly aligned with the walking direction of the plant ?

  • Ensuring that a competent, authorised spotter is available before moving the screen and that hand signals are agreed upon ?

  • Ensuring the path of travel is clear of obstructions and people ?

  • Ensuring that first gear forward or reverse is selected ?

  • All guards, conveyors and jack legs are raised ?

  • Conveyor belting is laid down in the machine travel path when entering and exiting the workshop or any other concreted area ?

Operating Jaw Crusher

  • Is this person competent at performing the following once the engine has warmed up

  • Adjusting engine speed from idle to full speed ?

  • Operating tail drum raising and lowering before and after tracking machine ?

  • Turning on magnet belt (if fitted) ?

  • Turning on scalping belt (if fitted) ?

  • Making sure main conveyor is running before starting jaw ?

  • Turning on jaw crusher before starting feeder ?

  • Turning on vibrating feeder / apron conveyor ?

  • Checking that all the Belts and rollers are all turning freely ?

  • Checking that all the belts are tracking correctly ?

  • Checking that all the pressures and settings are correct ?

  • Adjusting the jaw CSS setting to suit the application and feed source material ?



  • Assessor Signature

  • This person has been proven competent in the operations of the jaw crusher.

Shut Down:

  • Is this person competent at:

  • Allowing the jaw to completely clear all product from the system ?

  • Stopping the vibrating feeder / apron feeder first ?

  • Stopping the jaw next ?

  • Stopping the main conveyor last ?

  • Allowing the engine to idle for 2-5 minutes before turning off?

  • Completing walk around the machine to check for any damage or repairs needed?

  • Completing walk around the machine to check for any spillage points ?

  • Turning off battery isolator ?

  • Assessor Signature

  • This person has been proven competent in the shut down of the jaw crusher ?


  • All competency outcomes achieved?

  • Assessor Comments

  • This person can positively identify the main components, perform pre-start checks, start, operate and shut down the jaw crusher.

  • Supervisor/Assessor Signature

  • Trainee Signature

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