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Visual inspections

  • Look around and under the tractor for loose bolts, rubbish build up, oil, coolant leaks, broken and worn parts

Check engine oil level

  • Park on a flat surface, check engine oil before starting engine or 5 minutes after engine has stopped

Check transmission level and oil cooler

  • Check to see that the coolant level is between the FULL and LOW marks of recovery tank. When coolant level drops due to evaporation, add water only up to the FULL level

Clean grill and radiator screen

  • To clean detach screen and remove foreign matter

Check air cleaner dust indicator

  • Check dust indicator on air cleaner body, if red signal visible, clean immediately

Check brake and clutch pedal

  • Inspect brake and clutch pedals for free travel and smooth operation

Check indicators, gauges, and meter

  • Inspect lights for broken bulbs or lenses

Check seat belts

  • Check for worn or frayed belts, and that catches are clear of dust


  • Turn key to ON check fuel gauge. Fill when tank shows 1/4 or less. Refuel with diesels if required, when you start refueling an intermittent buzzer sounds, stop refueling when buzzer goes continuos.

Warning and caution labels

  • Check that all labels are still visible

Tyre pressure

  • Tyre pressure FRONT 140 Kaplan (1.4kgf/cm2, 20 psi) REAR (1.4kgf/cm2, 20 psi). If utilizing front end loader, ensure front tyres are set to maximum inflation

  • Photos if required from inspection

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