• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Supervisor

  • Supervisor Name

Worksite Overview

  • Worksite Overview

  • Select date

  • Add location
  • L2 Responsible

  • Straight To Site TC/s

  • Traffic Control Method Used (eg: lane/shoulder closure)

  • Client

  • Client Name


  • Documentation

  • Is a MUTCD or plan available on site?

  • Is SWMS on site, filled out and signed by all team members?

  • Is a TMP on site?

  • Are appropriate council/main roads/police permits on site?

Sign Placement

  • Sign Placement

  • Is access to private property adequate?

  • Is provision for pedestrians adequate?

  • Are side roads appropriately signed?

  • Is the adjusted travelled path width appropriate for the traffic?

  • Are sign spacings correct for approaching speeds?

  • Is sequence correct?

  • Side tracks and/or detours adequate?

Lane Closures

  • Lane Closures

  • Lateral shift markers used appropriately?

  • Use of cones appropriate?

  • Use of bollards appropriate?

  • Use of arrow board?

  • Tapers the correct length for approach speed?

Signs and Devices

  • Signs and Devices

  • Condition of signs

  • Legible?

  • Clean?

  • Reflective?

  • Level?

  • Current type?

Traffic Controller

  • Traffic Controller

  • Are traffic controllers in use?

  • Number of traffic controllers

  • Are there enough traffic controllers for the site?

  • Are traffic controllers carrying licences?

  • Can traffic controllers see each other?

  • Is there communication (radio)?

  • Time on duty since last break less than two hours?

  • Are traffic controllers wearing TC Vest & Altus retroflective pants?

  • Is clothing in good condition?

Variable Conditions

  • Variable Conditions

  • Position regarding travelled path

  • Comments

  • Stop/slow bat condition

  • Comments

  • Use of stop/slow bat (observation)

  • Comments

  • Escape path

  • Comments

  • Demeanour and attitude

  • Comments


  • Comments

  • COMMENTS: Include any relevant notes regarding safety issues, set-up of site, client feedback, access to breaks etc.

  • Photograph

  • Add media

  • Add Another Photo
  • Add media


  • Sign Off

  • Supervisor

  • Responsible L2

  • Traffic Controller

  • Additional Traffic Controller
  • Traffic Controller

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