Title Page

  • Team Name - Road Name


  • Form No. CO FRM 001

  • Job no

  • Team

  • Ganger

  • Date

  • Traffic control plan RMS TCP


  • Answer to the questions below may require the Traffic Control Plan to be altered, this may include the installation of additional signs or modifications to the sign locations. Record any action taken in a traffic plan below

  • Will the location of any intersections, on-loading or off loading ramps within the worksite increase the risk of work?

  • Will vehicles be entering or leaving the worksite from private or commercial driveway?

  • Is there adequate sight distance for road users to signs and traffic?

  • Are signs or traffic controllers in the shade?

  • Will work be undertaken outside peak times?

  • Will control measures be safe for the approach speeds of traffic?

  • Will pedestrian be affected?

  • Will bus stops (including school) be affected?

  • Will cyclists be affected?

  • Are there any overhead power lines that might be a risk to construction vehicles and plant?

  • Is the time of day significant (ie. night work, lower setting sun)?


  • Plan Drawing Information
    1. Roadwork ahead
    2. Road plant ahead
    3. Workmen
    4. Prepare to stop
    5. Stop here on red light
    6. Traffic lights
    7. Barrier boards
    8. Witches hats (traffic control cone)
    9. Traffic controller

  • Plan

  • Photos

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