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  • Settings:

  • All fresh product loads must be set at 25°F. Exceptions may exist ONLY for MSC loads that are set <25°F.
    Freezer loads must be set at 0°F.
    Spacer loads must be set at

  • Instructions:

  • Responsible designee must monitor truck temperature settings, actual temperatures, conditions, and fuel readings every two hours on processing days. Checks commence at 8am on the first day of the week. If a truck cooling unit/reefer is running, but truck is not sealed or seal is damaged, the truck must be opened to confirm product is not stored in an unsealed truck.

  • Corrective Actions:

  • If one or more of the following conditions exists:

    1) Truck cooling unit/reefer not turned on;
    2) Truck cooling unit/reefer set incorrectly;
    3) Fresh Loads: Temperatures are more than 5°F above the Set Point *Greater than 5°F variations will occur during defrost mode and
    will not be considered failures.*;
    4) Frozen Loads: Temperatures are more than 20°F above the Set Point *Greater than 20°F variations will occur during defrost mode
    and will not be considered failures.*;
    5) Less than 1/4 tank fuel reading for cooling unit/reefer;
    6) Truck contains product, but is not sealed, or seal is broken.

    Then the truck will be identified as "Fail". Shipping and QA Supervision must be immediately notified. Corrective actions must be implemented, and the truck rechecked within 1 hour to verify proper cooling unit/reefer function, and/or fuel levels. Corrective actions will be recorded on a Corrective Action Form. Submit paper work daily to QA office.

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  • Truck Location (Pick One)

  • Trailer Number

  • Serial Number

  • Fuel Reading

  • Set Point (Temp.)

  • Actual Temperature

  • Seal Intact (Pick One)

  • Unit Running (Pick One)

  • Defrost Mode (Pick One)

  • Pass or Fail (Pick One)

  • Recheck (Pick One)

  • End Time

  • Confidential Commercial Information:

  • This document contains confidential information pursuant to 5 USC sec. 552 (b) (4).
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