Ipad Use

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  • Basic Ipad Use:
    The home button is the button (usually on the left) in the centre of one of the short sides. While in the case it will be on the left centre. This button is used to return to the home screen from any application.

    On the lower part of the short side (opposite side to the home button) there is a sleep/on button. This will turn the screen off or bring it back on.
    Immediately next to the sleep button is the camera lense, always ensure your hand or finger is not covering this when taking a picture.
    To start iAuditor:
    Press the home button and the screen should come on. Press Home again or on some devices slide your finger across the screen to unlock.
    Press once on the blue iAuditor Icon (blue tick in a white circle)
    This will take you to the iAuditor home screen.

    Note that this work Ipad will be configured to only allow required functions. You are not allowed to use this Ipad for any use other than what it has been issued to you to complete. eg. no Internet use, no games, no personal email use.
    If this Ipad is not configured correctly please inform your Hub Administrator.
    Qld/NSW/ACT Jan Eberhard
    SA/NT Domenic Decrea
    Grocery (Pampas) TBA
    Grocery (Erskine Park)Shayne McDonald
    General or if your rep unavailable. Mark Franke

  • From the iAuditor home screen you would normally choose which Template you require and press the start audit button. This would have been done to bring you to this audit.

  • If you need to exit an Audit and delete information already entered always use the "Cancel" button on top left followed by "Discard Changes"
    If you wish to leave the audit and continue it at a later time use the "Done" button in the top right followed by "Save and Exit".

  • This is a question .
    Note that on the left there is a thin red line on the edge, this signifies that this question is compulsory and you have not answered yet. If no colour then the question is not compulsory.
    You will be asked to answer yes or no by pressing the appropriate button. This may also be safe or at risk instead of yes and no.
    If you press no or at risk you will be required to type in details or supply a photo. To enter text details simply start typing in the box.To take photo press on camera icon and remove back cover over lens, then point and press the round button, select use photo and return to audit by pressing close in top left corner..

    This is the most common entry type you will encounter.

    Hit the no button now and add a comment now by pressing the " Note" button and typing your comment. Write the name of the best bread your site makes. Press close in top left when finished making your comment.

  • This is a checkbox on the right. You simply press to answer yes to the question.

  • To enter date and time you either use your finger to scroll or press today then save. Remember to hit save after selecting the date. Try entering todays date now. Press the Date button then either hit the today button and save button or if not auditing for today's date then use finger to scroll to correct date and press save,

  • You may be asked to enter the production date you are auditing for. This is for tracking purposes and needs to be entered correctly. To enter date you either use your finger to scroll or press today then save. Remember to hit save after selecting the date. Try entering tomorrows date now.

  • You can be asked a multiple choice question. Simply press on the required answer from a drop down list.

    What colour is the sky on a clear day ?

  • This is asking for media , a photo or video can be added here by pressing media then the small icon to activate camera. Hit the media button then the picture icon. Press camera ( check back triangular cover is off of camera lens) then take a photo using the round button and the use photo button that will appear bottom right.

  • You can be asked to scan the barcode., using the camera you point at a barcode until it recognises it. No need to do this for the training app.

  • A slider is used by sliding your finger across the screen till the button matches your answer. Try entering a 10 as your answer to this question.

  • Sometimes you are required to enter a text answer. Use the keyboard. Also look at the "paper clip" icon on the right. if you see one of these it means you have the option to enter further information, in this case you could allocate an action to someone. Note that actions can only be allocated to a select few personnel on the site that are registered with the program. Generally a Quality person, Safety person and a Production representative so you may allocate to the appropriate department. This field is used to enter actions as well, remember to include the name of the person doing the action you list. As the person conducting the audit and signing for the audit you are ultimately responsible for the actions being done. If the keyboard is ever on the screen and you want it removed use the keyboard icon on the bottom right of the screen. Enter your favorite sports team.

  • You may be asked for a signature. Enter you name, initials or choose from Dropbox if available. Then press on sign to use your finger or stylus to sign your name.

  • Sometimes a field is for information only. This can be instructions or relevant information to the task you will be undertaking.

  • Congratulations you have finished this training course, this is a simple introduction to allow you to get started, please hit complete in the bottom right.
    If you have missed something a message will appear to let you know and the area to the left of that section will be red, all items that are deemed compulsory must have an entry or answer. In most cases it will send you back to the question you have missed. On a Tablet you will see a red line to the left of all required questions that have been missed. On the next screen hit the save and close button. Then the audit details screen will appear, just hit the close button on the top left and it will take you to the screen that shows all previous audits completed.

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