• General audit comment's

PPE - Observation was technician wearing

  • Safety glasses

  • Proper gloves

  • Hard hat

  • Steel toed boots

  • Hearing protection

  • Face protection

  • Compliant with NFPA 70E PPE (Balaclava, Face Shield, Class 0 rubber electric gloves inspected last 6mo?, leather gloves, ear plugs, safety glasses or goggles FR RATED uniform, all in good condition?)

General safety practices

  • Fall Issues? Fall Protection: (Techs usage / non-usage what possible solutions?

  • Proper Staffing? (Enough personnel to safely perform job task?

  • Any unsafe work practices observed
    (improper lifting, rushing, wrong tool, etc...)

  • Define unsafe practice

  • Good housekeeping

  • Are hand and power tools in good working condition

  • Is proper electrical equipment and extension cords used and in good condition

  • Was fire extinguisher needed

  • Was the fire extinguisher available

  • Was hot work preformed

  • Is technician familiar with emergency procedures

  • Was hotwork permiting procedures followed

  • Is appropriate material handling being performed
    (Proper lifting devices, ropes, cables, tool bag, cart, etc....)

  • First aid kit available

  • MSDS/SDS available

  • Is walking and working area free of slips trips and fall hazards

  • Are specific site safety requirements in place? Being met by employee?

Ladder Safety

  • Is the correct ladder being used safely and in good working condition with readable ANSI OSHA Label?

  • Is the extension ladder being used at the 4:1 ratio properly? (For every 4ft up; 1ft out from the wall at the base?

  • Is the top of the extension ladder at least 3ft past the top height of the wall / roof top?

Other Observations

  • Observation photos

  • Additional information or safety concerns
  • Additional information


  • Auditor signature

  • Employee signature

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