Management and Supervison of workplace transport risks

Check, in consultation with your employees, that your level of management control/supervision is adequate

  • Are site rules within Alloga Uk documented and distributed through the transport department?

  • Are all supervisors, drivers, and others others including contractors and visiting drivers, aware of the site rules? Are they aware of their responsibilities in terms of helping to maintain a safe workplace and environment?

  • Have all risk assessments been completed and reviewed accordingly for all workplace transport hazards?

  • Is the level of supervision within the yard and office sufficient to ensure that safe standards are maintained?

  • Are sanctions applied when employees, contractors, etc fail to maintain these standards?

  • Are adequate steps taken to detect unsafe behaviour of drivers from Alloga UK and visiting vehicles as well as pedestrians?

  • Are underlying reasons investigated to correct unsafe behaviours? Please give evidence or example of this

  • Is there good communication on health and safety matters between staff and those who visits Alloga UK?

Drivers and employees undertaking their working activites

  • Do drivers drive with care, using correct routes given, drive within the speed limit and follow any other legal and Alloga UK rules and laws?

  • Do drivers and other employees have enough time to complete their work without rushing or working excessive hours?

  • Is monitoring of such activities of 'job and finish' work to ensure drivers are not rushing to cut corners?

  • Are all employees using safe working practices, when uncoupling, unloading, carrying out safety checks etc?

  • Do managers and supervisors routinely challenge and investigate unsafe behaviours they may come across? Please give evidence or example of this.

  • Do managers and supervisors set a good example, for instance by obeying vehicle/pedestrian segregation instructions, and by wearing the correct PPE where needed?

Site layout, internal traffic routes and outside areas

  • Are the roads and footways suitable for the types and volumes of traffic and pedestrian use within Alloga UK?

  • Are vehicles and pedestrians segregated?

  • Are there adequate numbers of suitable parking places for all vehicles and are they used accordingly?

  • Is there a properly designed and signed one way system used on all vehicle routes within the workplace?

  • Are all drivers and supervisors aware of the speed limit within Alloga UK premises?

  • Is the level of lighting in each area sufficient for pedestrians and vehicle activity?

  • Do all roadways have firm, even surfaces? Are they free from hazards and obstructions and maintained well?

  • Are all roadways marked correctly and adequate safety signs, speed limit etc?

Vehicle maintenance

  • Is there regular maintenance programme for every vehicle, carried out at predetermined intervals of time or mileage?

  • Is there a system for reporting faults on the vehicles and associated equipment for all drivers?

  • Is there a system for reporting and scheduling remedial work for faults on vehicles. Who is responsible for this?

  • Where attachments lift people of objects, are these through examinations undertaken by a competent external person?

  • Are basic safety checks carried out by drivers before the starting day? Please provide evidence of example of this.

Driver Competence

Check that all training records, risk assessment and SOPs are up to date for each driver so they are capable of performing their work activities safely and responsibly.

  • Are all drivers licences checked to ensure they posses the correct types for the vehicle they are driving? Shunt vehicles, FLT's etc

  • Are previous experiences of drivers checked and assessed for their competence before starting at Alloga Uk?

  • Is on site specific training provided to perform the job, information about particular hazards, speed limits, appropriate parking etc when a driver starts with Alloga UK?

  • Are planned programmes of refresher training for drivers and others to ensure their continued competence?

Office Areas

  • Are all desk areas free from trip hazards, trailing wires etc?

  • Is the office environment at adequate temperature with adequate ventilation?

  • Is the lighting adequate for all employees?

  • Is all portable equipment tested and labelled?

  • Are sockets containing the correct voltage and not overloaded?

  • Are all reel extension leads fully unwound when in use?

  • Are adequate health and safety notices displayed?

  • Is the office environment comfortable to work in relation to noise?

  • Are all recycling bins in the correct use?

First Aid and Fire Precautions

  • Are all fire exits out the office clear of obstruction and clearly marked?

  • Are extinguishers in the office area correctly positioned with pins and seals in place?

  • Are all staff aware of the assembled point to be assign at when an the fire alarm sounds?

  • Do all staff sign in and out accordingly for a fire role call?

  • Are names and persons trained in first aid displayed and adequate coverage?

  • Are first aid stations present within the office area? Do they contain the correct consumables and checked monthly?


Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health

  • Are all COSHH assessments ok and up to date? Risk assessments etc

  • Is exposure adequately controlled?

  • Are all MSDS's available for products that fall under COSHH?

  • Is there a spillage procedure in place?

  • Is all COSHH substances correctly stored and disposed of?

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