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  •  Vehicle Inspection: Driver will perform Daily Vehicle Inspection before deploying or if changing drivers.

  • Emergency services: Discuss location of nearest telephone and directions to hospital. Refer to map, directions, and phone numbers provided in the HASP. Also make sure that named roads are indicated on project maps so that nearest intersections and other landmarks are known to direct emergency medical technicians to your location.

  •  Work activities: Discuss scope of work for the day and activities to be performed.

  • FA/CPR Volunteer:

  • Potential hazards: Discuss types and likely locations of hazards as well as environmental conditions that could be encountered and could pose a threat to employees’ health and safety.

  •  Safety Message: Discuss safe work practices in relation to potential hazards.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Verify that each crew member has appropriate PPE.

  • Supplies: Indicate location of first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, Site Health and Safety Plan (HASP), and other important supplies.

  • Pack Check: Discuss lunch plan and verify that each crew member has adequate water and food for anticipated time in the field and weather conditions.

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