Site Address

Subcontractor or type of work being carried out

Person conducting audit


OHSE manual/documentation in place

Health and safety coordination plan

SWMS's/JSA's completed

Construction Induction training completed


Toilets & lunch room clean and tidy

Cool drinking water provided

House Keeping

Safe access to and around work areas

Safe access to and around work areas

Appropriate safety signs provided

Emergency procedures and first aid

Emergency telephone numbers displayed

First aid kit properly stocked

Emergency procedures in place


Temporary supply power boards (RCD's lockable, leads through insulated slot, signs, 1 meter clearance at front, tie bar)

Certificate of electrical safety for boards

Earth leakage protection provided

Earth leakage protection tested monthly

Electrical equipment and leads:
- checked and tagged every 3 months
- secured off ground
- Length not exceeding 30 meters

Industrial multi plug devices suitable for outdoor use

OH power lines on poles

Scaffolding not erected within 4.6m of sides of 5m above or below power lines on poles without written permit, from the power authority, SWMS and meeting

Spotter if mobile plant between 3m - 6.4m of power lines on poles. Written permit, from the power authority, SWMS and meeting if closer than 3m

Fall protection when working at heights over 2 meters

Scaffold provided for fall protection

Guardrails provided for fall protection

EWP's provided for fall protection

Floor and wall penetrations barricaded or covered

Roof Installation

Working from scaffolding

Guardrails installed

Safety mesh installed


Licensed scaffolder over 4m

Certificate of completion provided

Scaffold footings correct

Adequately braced

Tied to structure if required

Safe access to working platforms

No access sign provided to incomplete scaffold

Handrail, mid rail and toe boards


Industrial ladders minimum 120 kg SWL

Ladders to be secured and stable at 4:1

Extend 1m past highest access point

Only light work carried out from ladders

Insulated ladders for electrical work


Building checked for asbestos

Asbestos clearance certificate

Licensed asbestos removalist used

Appropriate services disconnected

All mobile plant

Operator licensed/trained and competent

Flashing lights and reversing alarms

Harness worn in boom lifts

Serviced including daily checks

Trenches and other excavations

Trench support or walls battered

Barricaded 2m back from edge

Pre-cast panel erection

Certificates of compliance on site

Erected and secured in a safe manner

Steel erection

erected and secured in a safe manner


Electric welding screens provided

Flashback spark arrestors fitted

Appropriate PPE provided and worn

Gas bottles secured in trolley

Fire extinguishers available

Fit out and finish

Work carried out in a safe manner


P2 cartridge filter respirator used

Vacuum or dust bag when cutting MDF

Personal protective equipment as required

Safety helmets

Reflective vests around mobile plant

UV protection (clothing, sun block and hats)

Hearing protection

Respiratory protection

Public Safety

Security fencing if possible

Warning signage and barricades


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.