Audit details

  • Inspectors Name

  • Add location
  • Auditors Name

  • Select date

  • Vehicle reg.

  • Job description

  • Is the ESI passport available and up to date

Training, Licences Identification

  • Electrical inspectors licence available

  • Identification available

  • Construction industry card available

  • Comments

Vehicle details

  • Is the vehicle in good condition

  • Is the vehicle signage displayed

  • Is the vehicle servicing up to date

  • Has the vehicle been parked safely

  • Are traffic cones available

  • Is all equipment securely stored

  • Comments


  • Are the relevant Australian standards available

  • Are the relevant industry documents available
    VESI procedures, green book, Employee manual
    Codes of practice, Acts and regulations, SWMS.

  • Comments


  • Has a JSEA been completed onsite prior to the commencement of work

  • Provide Comments why JSEA was not completed prior to commencement of work.

  • Has the JSEA Identified ALL Hazards and control measures, and have they been implemented

  • Provide comments if all hazards and control measures have NOT been identified and implemented.

  • Have the correct SWMS been referenced

Health and Safety

  • Is a first aid kit which is in test date available

  • Is eye protection available and worn

  • Is a hard hat available and being worn

  • Are safety shoes being worn and in good condition

  • Is high visibility clothing available and being worn

  • Is PPE in good condition and worn appropriately?

  • Are LV gloves and leather outer gloves available and in good condition

  • Is an LV mat available

  • Is sun cream available

  • Is a fire extinguisher available

  • Is a fire fighting knapsack available Powercor only during fire season

  • Comments

Fall prevention

  • Has fall prevention been considered in the JSA

  • Is a roof workers backpack kit available

  • Are the appropriate ladders available and in good condition including securely tied to vehicle

  • Comments

Test equipment

  • Are working voltage, neon and phase sequence testers available and in good condition

  • Is a multimeter available, in good condition and within calibration date

  • Is a insulation resistance tester available, in good condition and within calibration date.

  • Is a working NST tester available and within test date

  • Is an independent earth spike and reel available and in good working order

  • Are all hand tools suitable and in good condition?

  • Comments

Work practices

  • We're any unsafe work practices observed

  • Has an installation under test sign been used?

  • Has the inspection been carried out correctly?

  • Have voltage tests been undertaken. Eg test for denergised

  • Have all VESI tests been carried out correctly?

  • Comments

Overall audit comments

  • Comments

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