ATM Details

Procedure Confirmations

  • Answer ALL Questions -
    Where there is a negative response please enter details in drop down box and take pictures if necessary / applicable

  • Call TSB Openline to confirm you are on site with the Arthur McKay Engineer - +442078193600 (Passcode: 40596818)

  • Denomination C1 - (£5) enter cash total £

  • Denomination C2 - (£10) enter cash total £

  • Denomination C3 - (£20) enter cash total £

  • Enter Logical Cash Figure (the total cash - C1+C2+C3)

  • Are there any Hardware Issues?<br>If yes call the NCR Project desk.

  • Has LBG network / patch cable been disconnected?

  • Has the EPP been initialised before shutting down ATM

  • Take a picture of the initialisation screen confirming EPP initialisation

  • Call TSB Open line to confirm you are starting the SW build stage

  • HDD Replaced

  • BIOS configured and password changed

  • Migrated ATM Sticker Applied?<br>Cross out all details on original label before applying the new label

  • Take picture of applied migration sticker

  • Serial Number of the ATM

  • CPK model type

  • CPK serial number

  • Is the CPK Working

  • Have you removed the old LBG HDD

  • State removed HDD serial number (LBG HDD)

  • Take a photo of the removed LBG HDD include HDD SN. Ensure image is clear and serial number is clearly readable

  • Have you installed the new TSB HDD

  • State installed HDD serial number (TSB HDD)

  • Take a photo of the installed HDD include HDD SN. Ensure image is clear and serial number is clearly readable

  • Has the removed HDD been destroyed/scratched - rendered unusable

  • Example for HDD SN & Scratched Disk being clear on one image

  • Take a photo of the destroyed HDD include HDD SN & Scratched Disk in the same image. Ensure image is clear and serial number is clearly readable

  • HDD tracking number of tamper proof bag

  • Take a photo of the tamper proof bag with HDD sealed inside - capture the number of the tamper proof bag & written details too as above

  • Is site name, LBG device ID , Line Address and HDD Serial Number Written on Tamper Bag

  • Call TSB Open line to confirm that the SW build has completed

  • Are All Media Entry Indicators working (Flashing Green)

  • Take picture of ATM IN SERVICE

  • Out of Service Sign removed from the front of the ATM

  • Has Service Restriction Label been applied to the ATM front

  • Take picture of label in place

  • Quick Reference Guide worked through with the Branch

  • Confirm the branch staff have the "ATM Migration Partner Support Pack"

  • ATM TESTED with a balance enquiry? (engineer)

  • Add time balance enquiry performed

  • ATM TESTED with a cash transaction? (bank staff)

  • Add time branch staff tested with cash withdrawal

  • Photo of the ATM "IN SERVICE"

  • Was BAU Call Required? If so Why?

  • If BAU call raised enter Service Request number

  • ATM Left Out of Service

  • Select date

  • Go to sign off:

Sign Off

Site Sign Off:

  • Area cleaned of any debris from the migration

  • Software USB STICK Removed from PC Core

  • Additional Comments / Issues

  • Add photo if required

  • Time completed and off site?

  • Engineer: I Confirm that I have completed all of the required activities in line with process. Write name and Sign:

  • TSB Staff member Sign off that ATM Migration is completed

  • Once complete please export document as a PDF and email across to: Dylan Trench &

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