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Health & Safety

  • 1.1a Confirm all new employees have completed Keeping Yourself & Others Safe section of the "Introduction to Store" Buddy book, on their first day of work.<br>□ All team members from 12/8/13 (booklet ticked, coach has assessed & signed off by TM & Coach)<br>

  • 1.1b Confirm there is a qualified First Aider and Building/Floor Warden coverage over every shift for next 7days.<br>□ Sight First Aid Certificates(still valid 3 months after expiry)<br>□ Training only valid for 12 months

  • 1.2a Confirm all Lights, Appliances, Alarm Boxes, Hose Reels, Switch Boards, Sprinklers have at minimum of a one metre clearance:<br>

  • 1.2b Confirm all Emergency Exits are not obstructed.

  • 1.3a Review last three months Health & Safety Minutes, verify management attendance, LTIFR/TIR, store manager sign off & associated reports attached. <br>□ System Status Report

  • 1.4a Confirm the store is following Incident Management Policy. Review last 6 months. <br>□ Portal used to load TM Injuries. □ Investigations/Causal Analysis/Corrective Actions/SM Review completed within 5 days. (NB:Actions may sit outside 5 days timeframe)

  • 1.4b Confirm the store is following Hazard Management Policy. Review last 6 months. <br>□ Original Hazard paperwork must be on file with team notes recorded. □ Store Manager review must be completed by month end.<br>□ 1-3 Hazard Reviews completed each month(can have up to 2 months without site hazard review dependent on explanation) <br>□ Monthly Hazard Identification completed <br>

  • 1.5a Confirm the team are managing all Contractors on site as per policy. □ Obtain sample from sign in/out register. □ Verify TM has been inducted within 12 months. □ Job Task must have valid consent on file with Activity/Hazard id/controls completed. □ Monitoring(Spot check) for one off contractors every time & regulars 4-6 a year.

Store Operations

  • 2.1a Sample check 40 product lines on the shop floor to confirm pricing is correct.

  • 2.1b Test front page of the mailer & 5 WOW deals for Advert tie up compliance.

  • 2.2a Review current user listing for BOSS/TUI/POS to ensure only Management/Key Holder/Rostered Duty Managers have manager authority. Verify all team members who no longer work in the store have been removed from the store Userlists. No generic logons. <br>□ use phone list on icred search via employee no

  • 2.2b Verify FIS Deliveries has been 100% checked. BRSCN checked Daily. Manually receipted icRed report checked. DC screens checked daily to verify stock have been receipted. i.e. LOADC & LOADH.

  • 2.3c Confirm the store has followed up on all Outstanding Orders more than 10 days old.<br>□ Check icred & what paperwork store has on file to verify process

  • 2.2d Confirm KVD No Sales Report from icRed is being printed, worked and filed.

  • 2.3a Confirm the store is investigating discrepancies over $10 with all the correct information recorded on Cash Management. i.e. operator listed against discrepancies & company investigation form used.

  • 2.3b Verify the Hire Purchase & WINZ process is being followed from Point of Sale<br>□ Hire Purchase completed correctly & store has checked icred for payment<br>□ Winz payment letters attached to receipts, amounts match & items purchased match.<br>□ old winz letter if still received store matched to icred

People Management

  • 3.1a Review 2-5 team members Personnel files to ensure all the required paperwork has been completed and filed. i.e. Contracts, House Rules, Sale Restricted, Criminal History(+18y), The Warehouse Way & Work permits if applicable.<br>□ logon payglobal get 2-5 team member information & this must include last two hires.

Store Management

  • 4.1a Confirm Management are completing weekly checks of Register Cash Up Bags, Safe Float Counts and Petty Cash on the correct template. Confirm Bankings, Safe Floats, Petty Cash & Spot Checks are completed as per policy and signed off by management within the required timeframes.<br>□ Management checks must be random days. □ Company template being used. □ take a sample and match to the cashiers declaration in CMS. □ Banking & Safe Float must be signed off the day it is counted by the cashier.

  • 4.1b Verify the Grocery & Pet Areas of the shop floor & stockroom are clean.

  • 4.1c Confirm the store has completed the last CSA & obtain a copy and perform a verification check on the answers provided.

  • 4.2a Verify all display stock of Whiteware & Televisions have an Energy Rating Stickers(Yellow) & Water Rating Sticker(Blue) attached to any whiteware that has water running through it.

  • 4.2b Verify the correct signage is displayed instore. Classification Poster (A3+), Health & Safety Policy to team members & customers, BWOF, Under21 signage & Food License.

  • Name & Signature of Site Manager

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