Trainers attended the two day training course?

Have trainers been requalified every three years?

Does the training include Deployment Police and relevant laws?

Does the training include device deployment, retrieval and maintenance?

Does the training include permissions for deployment and communications

Does the training include Selecting a deployment site

Does the training include risk assessment and Health and Safety issues?

Does the training include the use of the TDD in a pseudo operational environment?

Storage and maintenance of Tyre Deflation Device

Hand and eye protection available

Stinger Spike System spikes have protective covers

TDD system is stored in purpose designed case

Only authorized vehicles are fitted with the TDD

Weekly visual checks for faults or damage

Monthly deployment practice program in place

Defective spikes are replaced and repaired

Suitable tools are available for service and repair

Deployment of TDD on two lane roads

Use air wing support if possible

Consider safety of all officers, offenders and clear any members of the public from the area

Consider hazards such as weather, road conditions and potential for damage to nearby property.

To be completed