Emergency Preparedness

  • First aid kits are well stocked?

  • Eye wash stations are assessable, clean, and inspected?

  • Sufficient fire extinguishers are available,inspected, assessable,with signage?

  • Evacuation maps are posted throughout the facility?

  • Sufficient emergency lighting is available and in working condition?

Fire Prevention

  • Flammable liquids are stored in appropriate cabinets?

  • 18 inch clearance is maintained under sprinkler heads?

  • Scrap material is placed in waste containers and emptied regularly?

  • Hot work is performed in designated areas or with use of a hot work permit?

  • Compressed gas cylinders are secured and properly stored?

  • Welding and cutting equipment is maintained in good repair?

  • Dust build up is limited to no more than 1/32 of an inch?

Walking / Working Surfaces / Housekeeping

  • Office & lunch rooms are clean and floors are free from hazards?

  • Stairs are clean and dry?

  • Standing water is not allowed to accumulate in wet process areas?

  • Wet areas utilize non-slip flooring or mats?

  • Ladders are properly stored and put away after use?

  • Industrial stairs with hand rails are used for areas requiring regular access?

  • Walk ways around the facility are adequately maintained during winter conditions?

  • Wet floor signs are utilized when conditions require?

  • Production floors are free from hazards?

Machine & Electrical Safety

  • LOTO is followed for machine service?

  • LOTO procedures are available and in good condition?

  • Employees are wearing appropriate clothing and no hazardous jewelry?

  • Power tools are in good condition with all guards properly affixed?

  • Adequate machine warning label are affixed where hazards exist?

  • Cords and wiring are in good condition with no damaged insulation, exposed wires, or missing grounds?

  • Circuit panels are unobstructed for 36 inches?

  • Extension cords are used only for temp power ? (90 days or less)

  • Electrical boxes and switches are in good condition?

  • Machine interlocks and safety switches are in functioning condition and not bypassed?

Hazard Communication

  • Chemical containers are labeled with the manufacturers label or appropriate secondary label?

  • MSDS books are available and in good condition?

  • Empoyees are aware of where to find chemical hazard information?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hearing protection is available?

  • Hearing protection is utilized by all employees?

  • Empoyees are wearing required foot wear?

  • Eye protection is used in required positions?

  • PPE is maintained in good condition?

  • Respirator users are clean shaven?

  • Employees know how to obtain new PPE?

Material Handling & Storage

  • Lift trucks are inspected by each operator at the start of the shift?

  • Lift trucks are operated and parked appropriately?

  • Trailers are chocked prior to entering?

  • Pallets are stored on the lower levels of the racking and not stacked greater than 6 feet?

  • Materials are stored safely in racks?

  • Dock ramps are maintained in good condition?

  • Trailer lighting is available and in working condition?

  • Lift trucks are maintained in good operating condition?

  • Product pans are palletize no higher than 4 feet?

  • Carts are stacked only to their capacity?


  • Organized stretching is implemented?

  • Ergo mats are used at all stationary positions?

  • Employees are rotated at least hourly?

  • Employees are aware of how to address damaged racks and carts?

  • Racks and carts are pulled only when pushing is not feasible?

  • Hands are placed in a manner to limit crush injuries?

  • Trash containers are emptied regularly to limit weight?

  • Correct lifting procedured are followed?


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