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Truck #

Equipment secured properly during transit?

Service engine or other warning lights activated?

Emergency Equipment Present?

Lights, blinkers, wipers, tire issues?

Other notable conditions


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Dive Trailer or Boat #


Spare tire, jack, tire tool present?

Trailer lights working?

Break-away switch, safety chains, hitch, electrical connection, safety pin in good condition and used properly?

Do the emergency brakes seem operational?

Spare tire?

Other notable conditions


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One PFD for each person onboard?

PFD's readily accessible?

Life-Ring with 90' of floating line immediately available?

USCG approved fire extinguisher/s (2) type B I or (1) type B II Inspected and good condition?

Visual distress signals in kit (3) day and (3) night?

Sound producing device in kit?

Lighting for night operation or reduced visibility?

Trash and oil pollution placards in place?

Other notable conditions


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Do hazardous conditions from vehicle traffic exist?

Was it briefed properly before starting work?

Have adequate safety precautions been taken?

Do environmental hazards exist?

Was it briefed properly before starting work?

Have adequate safety precautions been taken?

Other site or topside safety hazards?

Were they briefed properly before starting work?

Have adequate safety precautions been taken?

Other notable conditions


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PPE worn properly by all personnel?

Is PPE applicable to the task being performed?

PPE in good condition?

Eye and face protection worn as required?

Hearing protection worn as required?

Decibel level reading

Respiratory protection worn as required?

Fall protection needed / worn?

Fall protection condition?

Workers dressed properly for the job / task?

Other notable conditions


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Walkways, stairs, steps clear of material and debris?

Cords and hoses strung to prevent trip and fall hazard?

Compressor has functioning catch pan or other method of containing spills?

Liquid spills cleaned up immediately?

Dive station and work areas clean and orderly?

Trailers, spaces, and equipment kept clean and orderly?

Trash, scrap, and debris picked up and disposed of?

Other notable conditions


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Fire Safety Included in Pre Job Briefing / JSA

Fire extinguishers readily accessible?

Fire extinguishers inspected?

Smoking prohibited within 50 feet of where flammables are located?

Is "No Smoking" signage in place?

Flammables stored and handled in approved containers?

Fuel Cans in good condition?

Fuel Can Type

Refueling of machinery while in operation is prohibited?

Adequate Cool Down time allowed prior to refueling?

Other notable conditions


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Extension cords in good condition?

Cords protected from sharp edges / routed properly?

Cords, connections, breakers, etc. Not overloaded?

Electrical connections kept dry?

Generators kept dry / protected from weather?

GFI's tested?

Overhead or nearby wiring hazards exist?

Other notable conditions


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Proper ladder selected for task?

Ladder rated sufficiently for intended use?

Ladder inspected prior to use?

Ladder/s being used properly?

Other notable conditions


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Is this a permit required space? (IDLH)

Is there a current and signed permit?

Dangers Present

Has the Atmosphere been Monitored

Monitor Information
Entry Point
Hazard Abatement

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Harnesses in good condition?

Harnesses labeled, annual inspection marked?

Fall arrest equipment inspection current?

Crew skilled at extraction device operation?

Lanyards in good condition?

Lanyards labeled, annual inspection marked?

Proper length lanyard being used fall zone clear?

Attachment point rigged properly and capable of supporting at least 5000 lbs?

Rigging in good condition?

All rigging components rated for the load?

Other notable conditions


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Diving Brief Elements:

UESI Safe Practices Manual on-site?

Condition of Safe Practices Manual
Diver Fitness
Diver Harness
Diving Helmets
Bailout System

Emergency Aid / Phone List on-site and available to everyone?

Emergency telephone available?

First aid kit fully stocked with current inventory?

Emergency oxygen cylinders charged and within expiration date?

Emergency oxygen regulator in good condition?

AMBU bag with mask and oxygen tubing in good condition?

Depth / Time profile being tracked?

RNT of repet dives tracked and logged?

Deco Tables, Repet Tables, and No D Tables present?

Timekeeping device present and dedicated to the dive?

Divers' depth tracked by pneumo gauge?

All Hoses are labeled with current test cert?

Pneumo gauge/s calibrated within last 6 months?

Diver condition checked after each dive?

Carbon Monoxide monitor calibration current?

High Pressure Alarm in place and being used properly?

HP cylinders mounted securely?

HP Bank / E-Air system tested? Pressure and regulator setting checked frequently?

HP E-Air cylinder hydro test date within 5 years?

E-Air bank pressure?

Diver's Air Compressor #

Current air certification?

Intake Up-wind of exhaust? (6' / 12' rule)

LP Volume tank serviced within 1 year, hydro within 5 years?

2-stage filter bank filters changed within 3 months, with string, then carbon filtration present?

Manifold pressure checked before every dive, and frequently during the dive?

Manifold pressure setting?

Alpha and Recreational Diving Flags flown visibly during diving operations?

Diving ladder extends at least 3 feet below the water and at least 3 feet above the surface?

Umbilicals pressure tested and marked every 10 feet?

A plan exists to assist an injured diver out of the water with adequate equipment available?

All dive team members are attentive to the dive?

Diver tended continuously throughout dive?

Diver's bailout pressure checked before every dive?

Divers dressed properly with sufficient exposure protection?

Standby rig capable of same or greater depth/length than the primary?

Standby rig connected to hat, air and comms tested, bailout ready, pressure recorded?

Standby diver ready for deployment?

Other notable conditions


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Drill Elements

Readiness Rating

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.