Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Location

  • Date

  • Name of Inspector

  • Time

  • Operation

  • Staff on Site and responsibilities

Site Specific Risk Assessment

  • Is the SSRA correctly filled in?

  • Is there an emergency plan in place?

  • Has a working at height justification been undertaken?

  • Have Covid 19 arrangements and control measures been identified?

Manual Handling

  • Are good manual handling techniques being undertaken?

  • Reason?

Method Statement

  • Is this correctly filled in?

  • Have Covid-19 / Infectious disease arrangement and control measures been considered?

  • What should be considered?

Site Organisation

  • Fuelling Station - 4m away from work zone?

  • Reason?

  • Drip tray / plant nappy being used?

  • Reason?

  • PPE – available, used correctly etc.

  • Reason?

  • PPE - related to Covid-19 / Infectious Disease available, used correctly etc.

  • Reason?

  • Correct cordoning

  • Reason?

  • Traffic Management

  • Reason?

  • Chipper location/ conversion of debris – suitable & safely undertaken?

  • Reason?

  • General Organisation – ropes, tidiness, communication

  • Reason?

  • Climbing Techniques- good practice?

  • Reason?

Aerial Rescue Provision

  • Emergency Plan – who is responsible for what?

  • -where is it on site? Rescue line? MEWP?

  • Reason?

  • W@H justification?

  • First Aid Provision – correctly stocked and in date? Israeli dressing carried by all staff?

  • PTO

Effective Communication

  • Is effective communication being maintained throughout the operation?

Tools and Equipment

  • Chainsaws comply with FIS 301

  • Chippers FISA 604 handbook available

  • Grinders FISA 606 handbook available

  • Climbing kit checked and serviceable. Would it pass a LOLER examination?

  • Rigging kit checked and serviceable

  • Vehicles checked and serviceable

  • Vehicles loaded and secured correctly

  • Is the MEWP set up properly and being used safely?

  • Environmental Considerations (EC’s)
  • Has a Wildlife R/A been filled out?

  • Have all EC’s been taken into account? – Fuels /oils stored correctly?

  • Is there a spill kit on site and an environmental emergency plan?

  • Biosecurity- has this been considered adequately, if applicable

  • Certification

  • Employees adequately qualified for tasks being undertaken?

  • Driver correctly licensed for vehicle combination?

  • General Comments

  • Signed

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