Personal Behaviours

Personal Behaviours.

  • Are people moving safely around site?

  • Are they choosing a safe route avoiding hazardous activities?

  • Are the avoiding walking under structure or workers where there is a risk of being struck by falling objects?

  • Are people looking where they are going, avoiding slips and trips?

  • Are they using proper climbing techniques (safe technique, 3 point contact, foot and hand placement)?

  • Are they staying clear of unprotected edges thus avoiding the risk of falling?

  • What actions are they taking before entering hazardous areas?(observation/stopping/caution/hazard identification)

  • Are they pacing themselves avoiding getting over tired?

  • Are they stopping work when it is unsafe to continue (STOP process)


Use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Is the PPE being worn correctly?

  • Does it fit?

  • Is it fit for purpose

  • Is cleaning/replacement a problem?

  • Do they have all the PPE they need?

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Local health and safety arrangements

Local health and safety arrangements.

  • Is there an awareness of local site rules?

  • Is there an awareness of safety requirements(e.g. Golden rules, instruction and guidance documents?

  • Are safety incidents and near misses reported? When was the last one reported?

  • Has the employees received safety training?

  • Any information?

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Safe sytems of work

Safe systems of work

  • Are safety briefing held (toolbox talks)

  • Are the necessary procedures(permits for work, safe systems) in place?

  • Is the supervision/hosting appropriate for the area being visited?

  • Are the people involved safety and technically competent?

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Tools and equipment

Tools and equipment

  • Have people on site got the right equipment?

  • Do they appear to know how to use it?

  • Is it in good condition?

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  • Is house keeping in good order with clear walkways and clean areas?

  • Does the client/third party show an interest in their personal safety?

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Unsafe acts observes

  • Enter any unsafe acts observed

Safe acts observed

  • Enter any safe acts observed

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