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Line #

  • Are operational settings set to the "home settings"? List equipment checked.

  • Code date verified as correct?

  • Is the bar code scanner working?

  • Visual boards up to date? List any corrective actions for "red" items.

  • Is the Line Tech's MSW filled out on the line? Are all gaps addressed that were documented?

  • What is the line overfill?

  • Is the meat temp within acceptable limits?

  • Is floor clean (no product or packages on the floor)?

  • Are all knives being used correctly and stored appropriately? (Examples: Are the knives at the slicer stored correctly? Are the correct colored Bunzel knives being used in dry supply and at the cheese harp/denester station?)

  • Is the Fill speed and cycle speed at the correct settings? List settings.

  • Are service workers adhering to the min/max criteria for staging the lines for operation?

  • RCFA conducted on this line today? If Yes, List reason and "root- cause" identified if applicable.

  • Is the line correctly staffed?

  • Is there adequate Maintenance floor support on the floor during the walkthrough?

  • Is the line tech on the floor?

  • Walk the cooler. Are all vats covered? Is the cooler orderly? List cooler temp in notes.

  • Is the supervisor on the floor?


  • Did the team perform stretches on this line today?

  • Were all guards observed in place during your walk through?

  • Are employees wearing the proper PPE in the work area?


  • Are employees following the proper GMP practices on the line?

  • Is sanitizer located at denester station?

  • Are hand wash stations and door foamers working?

  • Is PEC schedule current?

Notes & Follow-up actions from MSW walkthrough

  • observations:

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