• Survey Type

  • Name of Customer

  • Note: Please add customer name and initial of Designer in brackets next to it. eg: Andrew Monsey (M) - For surveyor

  • Install Address
  • Contact number for Customer (if applicable)

  • Email for customer (if applicable)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Is this a listed building?

  • In conservation area?

  • Electrical Provider and MPAN

  • Note:If customer does not know, please take a photo of his electricity bill - For surveyor


  • Number of stories

Roof details

  • Photos of property and Photos of Roof area where PV is installed

  • Select roof type 1

  • Select roof construction 1

  • Roof pitch 1 (approx)

  • Select roof type 2

  • Select roof construction 2

  • Roof pitch 2 (approx)

  • Sketch of roofs

  • Note: Estimated size of different roof tiles - For surveyor


  • Are there any obvious shading issues

  • Extent of shading

  • Note:Take a shading photo facing south from the base of the array - For surveyor

  • Shading Photo

Structural roof details

  • General condition of roof timber

  • Type of roof 1 build

  • Type of roof 2 build

  • Example of Roof construction - For surveyor

Notes for Designers

  • Notes:

Notes for Roofers

  • General Notes:


  • Note: Photos for scaffolding positioning under photos of property - For surveyor

  • Scaffolding comments


  • Type of Supply

  • Example of TT , TNC-S and TN-S -For surveyor

  • Presence of Earth Bonding

  • Picture of Earth Bonding

  • Property Clear of Overhanging Cables?

Main AC connection point

  • Select phase type of main AC connection point

  • Location of Consumer Unit

  • Location of Meter

  • Wiring Schematic (Solar + Alpha Wiring Schematic) - For surveyor

  • Wiring Schematic (Solar + Giv Wiring Schematic) - For surveyor

  • Wiring Schematic (Solar + Tesla Wiring Schematic) - For surveyor

  • Wiring Schematic (Solar Hybrid Wiring Schematic) - For surveyor

  • Wiring Schematic (EPS Wiring Schematic) - For surveyor

Inverter location and fixing detail

  • Photos of Proposed inverter location

  • AC Cable run notes:

  • DC cable route notes:

  • Communications run

  • Approximate length of SWA

Battery Location and Fixing

  • Note: Battery will require 300m allowance during placement. Moreover, if it is GivEnergy/Alpha Smile and the battery is going outside, we will require a canopy over it to ensure IP65 rating. -For surveyor

  • Photos of Proposed Battery location

  • EPS required?

  • EPS requirements:

  • Photos for EPS

  • Placement of Earth Rod

  • Earth Rod notes:

EV and iBoost

  • iBoost notes (supply and placement)

  • Photos of iBoost Placement

  • EV charger Cable route notes

  • Photos of EV charger Placement

Ground Mount

  • Ground Material

  • Length of cable

  • Customer to Trench?

  • Notes about trenching:

  • Notified the customer of planning permission?

  • Age of Property (approx

  • Structural survey comments

  • Structural survey Photos

  • Note: Attempt to get a wider loft photo-For surveyor

Any other information

  • Any other information

  • Any other sketches

  • Any other photos

  • System Size discussed

  • Battery Bank discussed

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