• The Category Field - example above - allows you to create headers. These allow you to find your way around a checklist more easily, but otherwise have no effect.


  • The Information Field allows you to display messages in the template & report. They can be used to provide additional text instruction.

  • The Information Field can also contain a web link to further information and instruction. For example, this field includes a link to the UoB Staff Home Page.


  • The question field allows you to ask a question. The range of responses can be specified and comments and photographs can be appended to each question. This example uses one of the standard response options.

    Are you completing this checklist in your office?

  • The question field allows you to ask a question. The range of responses can be specified and comments and photographs can be appended to each question. This example uses a custom response with different options and colours.

    What position are you in at the moment?


  • The Address Field asks you to enter an address. You can either type an address in or locate it on a map.

  • What is your current location?
  • The Date Time Field asks you to enter a date and time. It can be set to just ask for a date or just ask for the time.

  • What is the date and time?


  • Checkbox Fields and Switch Fields can ask you to answer yes or no.

  • Tick this checkbox if you think this iAuditor primer is useful.

  • We are pleased to hear that you find the primer useful. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss creating a checklist.

  • Click this switch if you would like a cup of tea or coffee now.

  • We think that iAuditor is a brilliant App, but as good as it is it can't make tea or coffee. Why not take a break and make yourself a cup - you've worked hard and you deserve a reward.


  • The Multiple Choice Field asks a question and specifies what responses can be made. The Multiple Choice Field will not allow you to append comments or photographs. (If you want to append photographs or comments to an answer, then consider using a question field).

    The Multiple Choice Field can be set to accept one answer or more than one answer.

  • What sort of room are you in at the moment? (Select one option)

  • What sort of lighting is in your room? (Select all applicable sources)


  • The Photo Field asks you to add a photograph to the checklist. You can't add any typed comments (as you can with the Question Field), but you can annotate individual photographs - to highlight a feature for example. Take a photograph of a phone & annotate it with your extension number.

  • The Drawing Field asks you to add a drawing to the checklist. Draw a floor plan of your office showing the position of your light switches.


  • On occasion, you might have no idea what the answer is likely to be or you might want a descriptive answer. You can use Text Fields for this - Text Single Line for short answers and Text for longer answers - to record the reply.

  • What is the number of the room you are in?

  • Describe the decor in your room


  • The Slider field can be used when you are expecting a numeric answer. You could use a single line Text Field, but the Slider Field has the advantage that you can set the permitted range and increments of the response.

  • What would you estimate the temperature of your office to be?

  • What length commute did you undertake this morning to get to work (to the nearest five miles)


  • The Signature Field asks for a signature and a name. The Signature Field records the date the signature was made.

  • Signature of person completing the checklist


  • Smart Fields can be used to reveal further questions (or information) depending on the answers given. This example asks if you are happy to provide a personal description & only asks for the description if you say yes.

    Smart Fields work with all Fields where the response can be specified.

  • Tick here if you are happy to provide a description of your appearance

  • What is your predominant hair colour?

  • How tall are you? Answer in Centimetres

  • How many months to your next birthday?


  • Dynamic Fields allow you to ask the same question (or set of questions) multiple times in a checklist.

    This is handy if you want to list faulty equipment or faulty facilities for instance - you can't know how many faults there will be when writing the template, but with the Dynamic Field it doesn't matter.

  • This example is a check of all the room door numbering in a corridor. When writing the primer, we can't know beforehand how many doors there will be - it might be only one, or it might be a hundred. With a dynamic field, it doesn't matter.

  • Record the condition of the doors in the corridor

  • door report
  • Room number

  • Room houses a service centre that students need to access

  • Is the room number clear and compliant with current requirements?

  • If the numbering is not clear or compliant, then append a photograph to the question.

  • Door check completed by


  • You can send a completed checklist - via email or a dropbox - to yourself using the export option. The free version of iAuditor allows you to export pdf reports only. For a small one off payment, you can upgrade iAuditor to export word documents. There is also an option to upgrade further to export reports in XML, CSV & JSON formats, which might be useful for the more technically minded.

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