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  • The purpose of this Validation Summary Checklist is:

    To list all learning content involved when training a nominated team member how to complete Validation Summaries (VS) and to document learning content achieved.


  • This Training Record will be used to document all nominated team members that have satisfactorily completed VS training.

Reference Documents

  • SOAQ11.8 Validation Summary V.1.1

  • Validation Policy V.1.1

Learning Objectives

Learning Content Covered in the Training

  • 1. Introduction (brief overview of Validation Summaries)

  • 2. Pre-Requisites:
    a. First Aid (HLTAID003)
    b. National Pool Lifeguard Award
    c. Must be in a site support or similar role
    d. Industry experience

  • 3. Responsibilities
    a. Supervision & Training Coordinator (STC)
    b. Centre Manager (CM)
    c. Duty Manager (DM)
    d. Lifeguards (LG)

  • 4. Validation Summary Procedure
    a. Coverage Diagrams
    b. Scanning Strategies
    c. 5 Keys of Scanning
    d. Accountability

  • Has the designated team member satisfactorily demonstrated the Learning Content?

  • Supervision & Training Coordinator Signature:

  • Date:

Learning Content


  • A submersible manikin or tool will be used to complete the Validation Summary

  • Understands the following information relating to Validation Summaries (VS):
    - VS are to be completed twice a year for every BlueFit site to validate every Area of Responsibility (AoR); and
    - Validating each AoR is a two-phase process

  • Displays knowledge of the two-phase process:
    1. The lifeguard’s ability to recognise a guest in distress (GiD) [in the form of a submerged manikin or similar stimulus]; and
    2. Be capable of reaching the extents of the AoR within the 30-Second Awareness Standard (or 3-Minute Awareness Standard where approved).

  • Understands and displays knowledge of how to create a start and finish point of the pool/facility for the lifeguard roving pattern/s and to record the time

  • Understands and demonstrates how to complete a VS:
    - The submersible manikin or tool is placed in key locations throughout the identified AoR, including but not limited to, extreme edges, exits, ramps, locations of glare, shadowed regions and/or any other area of concern;
    - Begins the patrol pattern from the starting point. The time is recorded on how long it takes to identify and then render assistance to the submersible manikin or tool;
    - Every AoR that a lifeguard/s are responsible for are validated using this process;
    - This process is repeated for every location the submersible manikin is positioned and for all lifeguards AoR.

  • Understands the process once the VS have been completed

  • Understands the process of how to complete the VS under the supervision and direction of the Supervision & Training Coordinator

  • Has been made aware of and understands the Coverage Diagrams for the facility

  • Has been made aware of and understands the Scanning Strategies for the facility

  • Understands and demonstrates knowledge of the 5 Keys of Scanning

  • Understands and displays knowledge of the Accountability process for the Validation Summaries and supporting documents

  • I have received training in the learning content of the Validation Summary Procedure and will conduct VS as outlined in all policies and procedures documented above

  • Team Member Name:

  • Team Member Signature:

  • Supervision & Training Coordinator Signature:

  • Date Completed:

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