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CUSTODIAL EVALUATION SCORING SYSTEM The section that contains the Quality Standard for Routine Cleaning, provides the basis for determining if the services are being performed within the industry standard. These standards provide the Manager with some basic information as to what is acceptable service. In conjunction with the standards, is the Custodial Evaluation Scoring System. This system provides the Manager with the objective basis for evaluating the custodial operations. The scoring system is divided into five categories ranging from excellent through unacceptable. Each category is assigned a score range and criteria to be used to award the score. Evaluation sheets have been developed for each building or categories of buildings, based upon the areas to be cleaned within the buildings, and the service, or tasks, to be provided within each area. The following is the criteria that should be used to establish the General Evaluation/Score when inspecting the quality of custodial work being performed in the various buildings/facilities:

GENERAL EVALUATION EXCELLENT 85-100 General Spotless Condition Floors are clean and bright with no evidence of accumulation of dirt or grime in corners, along baseboards, around fixtures and partitions and in grout. Detail dusting is evident by no accumulation of dust in cracks or crevices. Carpets are clean with nap laid in one direction. Furniture is clean and polished. All bright work is clean and polished. There are no finger marks on bright work or glass. Drinking fountains are clean and polished. Furniture that has been moved is returned to original position. All waste receptacles are clean with evidence of new liners. Elevator door tracks are clean and free of debris. Paper products and hand soap dispensers are clean and properly filled. Attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the cleaning process. GOOD 70-84 General Cleanliness But Not Sparkling Clean Floors are clean but lack the high sheen. There is minor evidence of some dirt and grime in corners. Some splash marks on baseboards. Some accumulation of grim around fixtures and partition bases. Plumbing fixtures are clean but not bright. Light dust is evident in some areas. Some minor spots on carpets. Carpets vacuumed clean. Bright work is clean but does not shine. All glass is clean. Basic cleanliness is maintained. No special effort is evident to have facility sparkling clean. FAIR 45-69 Moderately Clean With Inattention to Detail Cleaning Dust is evident in cracks, crevices and some areas not detail dusted. Floors are generally clean but lack sheen. There is evidence of residual dirt and grime in corners along baseboards and around fixtures and the bases of partitions. Swirl marks and residual detergent are in evidence in certain areas. Carpets are vacuumed clean yet there is evidence of lack of vacuuming under certain pieces of furniture. Dust is evident throughout the facility. Sinks and drinking fountains are clean, however water spotted. Fixtures are clean but do not shine. Furniture is not returned to exact location. Waste receptacles are not thoroughly clean with some litter. Some splash marks are found on furniture and baseboards. Doorknobs, push bars, and kick plates, although clean, lack luster with some smudges and streaks evident. General impression is one of inattention to detail. POOR 30-44 Marginally Clean with Considerable Cleaning Deficiencies Floors are dull, evidence of streaks, bubbles, and overlaps in basic waxing. Suspended dirt in wax. Corners and baseboards have dirt and grime. Baseboards and furniture have evidence of damage during the cleaning operation. Dust is evident throughout the facility. Carpets not thoroughly vacuumed. Spots and soiling found on carpets. Spots, smudges, and dirt found on walls not often cleaned. Dust and dirt found on window dressings. Considerable trash found in waste receptacles. Receptacles not thoroughly cleaned. Dirt and grime accumulated around restroom partitions and fixtures. Trash, dust, and dirt found in corners of stairwells. Some trash found under desks and chairs. General impression building is dingy. UNACCEPTABLE 0-29 Building in General is Unkept Glass and bright work is dirty, smudged with handprints. Floors are dull with dust dirt and grime accumulating in the corners and along the baseboards. Dispensers of paper towels and hand soap are not properly filled. Building is generally dusty throughout. Trash can be found throughout building. Waste receptacles are in need of emptying and cleaning. Carpets have soil and stains. Walls are spotted and stained, in need of thorough cleaning. Fixtures are stained and dull. General Impression is building has been neglected and in need of thorough cleaning.

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