Thermabead System Card.

Extraction Card Number if applicable.

Job Number.

Crew Number.

Photos of the Property.

Proof of Thermabead batch number.

Health & Safety

On site arrival Health & Safety observation.

All PPE being worn correctly.

Has a dynamic risk assessment been completed.

Pre & Post Installation checks.

Have Pre and post checks been carried out.

Have flue safety checks been carried out.

Customer contact.

Survey of the property satisfactory.

Have flues and chimneys been completed.

Has the loft area been checked.

Are there any signs of moisture transfer in property.

If any moisture found please select which rooms.

Any obvious causes of the moisture transfer.

Are external wall in good condition.

Has cavity been breached (If yes please take Boroscope photos)

Is the roof in good condition.

Are all the gutters and down pipes free from damage.

Health & Safety Equipment Check.

Triple Ladders Observation & ID Numbers.

Double Ladders Observation & ID Numbers?

Step Ladder Observation & ID Numbers.

Ladder restrain Observation & ID Numbers.

Ladder eye bolts x 5 Observation.

Ladder York Observation.

Ladder Mats General Observation & ID Numbers.

Ladder Stand Off Observation & ID Number.

SDS Drills x 2 Observation & ID Numbers.

Core Drill Observation & ID Numbers

Grinders Observation & ID Numbers.

Torch/Lead Light Observation.

240v Extension Lead.

110v Drill leads x 2 Observation.

Transformer Observation & ID Numbers.

Hand Tools Observation.

Please take Photos of any defects found on equipment.

All Electrical Equipment PAT Tested.

Date of PAT Testing.
PAT Test Renewal Date.
Make and Model.

Compressor Hours.

Pressure Settings.

Oil Levels.
General Condition of Compressor.

Please note any defects on Compressor.

Please take Photos of defects found.

Make and Model.

Oil levels.

General Condition.

Please note any defects on Generator.

Extraction Equipment.

Extraction fan in a safe working condition.

Extraction bin/pipes condition.

Compressor hoses and claw coupling condition.

Directional nozzle & whip condition.

Boroscope working condition.

Harness, Cows tail and Drill Bandolier.

No.1 Harness Observation and ID number.

Cow's tail Observation and ID number.

Drill Bandolier Observation and ID number.

No.2 Harness Observation and ID number.

Cow's tail Observation and ID number.

Drill Bandolier Observation and ID number.

No. 3 Harness Observation and ID number.

Cow's tail Observation andID number.

Drill Bandolier Observation and ID number.

Picture of all crew members wearing full PPE.
Picture of crew using a ladder restraint system.
Extraction Process.
Material being extracted.
Photo of all elevations being extracted.
Photos of clear cavity.

Extraction Drill pattern correct.

Correct blowing technique.

Has whip been used.

Has directional nozzle been used.

Have you Boroscoped the cavities on all elevations.

Have extraction holes been made good.

His making good satisfactory.

Please take photos of making good.
Cavity wall insulation.

Has the lance system been used.

His drill pattern correct for the insulation system being installed.

Blowing sequence correct.

Have cavity barriers been fitted.

Ventilation sleeved and clear.

Has a combustion vent been fitted.

Please take photo of combustion vent/vents.

Does the making good match the existing finish.

Site organisation and cleanliness.

Has crew fitted the flue certificate into the loft space.

Does crew leader understand the failed smoke test procedure.

Has the lance system been used.

Installation System.

Air pressure readings.

Pressure Vessel reading

Condition of control board.

Thermabead labels present

Condition of guns and 1 meter clear pipe.

Are there two full sets of jets present.

Spray jets clean and in good order.

Condition of test kit.

Condition of delivery hose and glue lines.

45m hose flow rates glue/bead.

30m hose flow rates glue/ bead.

Condition of Lance equipment.

Loft Installation.

Is all PPE being used correctly.

Are dust sheets being used.

Have spot lights and power cables been identified before install.

Is the a air gap around the spot lights and the power cables above the insulation where possible.

Are the eaves clear of insulation.

Have vent wedges been fitted.

Has the new insulation been laid correctly, cross laid, close butted and evenly distributed.

Have all pipes and tanks been insulated correctly.

Has a walk way to the services been installed.

Has loft hatch been insulated and draught proofed.

Have learning labels and loft certificate been stapled into loft area.

Vehicle inspection.

Vehicle registration.


Any dash lights illuminated indicating maintenance required.

Cab cleanliness and organisation.

Compartment and storage area cleanliness.

First aid box present and fully stocked.

Fire extinguisher present and checked.

All vehicle lights working and free from damaged lenses.

Are all mirrors free from damage and in a good working condition.

Have all fluid levels been checked.

Are tyre tread road legal.

Tyre pressure ok(visual).

Is the out side of the vehicle clean and free from damage.

Please take photos of any vehicle defects and damage.
Technicians names and signatures.
Crew leader name and signature.
Crew assistant name and signature.
Crew assistant name and signature.
Inspectors name and signature of acknowledgement of responsibility to input true and accurate information, to clarify full compliance in line with the BBA/PAS2030 specification and requirements.
Inspectors name and signature.
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.