• Vehicle Asset # or Unit #:

  • Vehicle Type:

  • Odometer Reading:

  • Next Service Due:

  • Location:
  • Inspected By:

  • This Vehicle Inspection Checklist is to be completed by a competent person or personnel with a driver's license relevant to the vehicle being inspected. This checklist has been developed in compliance with the Company's Driver Safety Program (Section 14 Driver Safety, Fatigue and Journey Management Policy).

    The relevant division manager/ supervisor is to review all completed vehicle inspections for their area monthly to ensure that inspections are being completed as required and that all items noted or action as required is being achieved.

  • Note: Section 14.1 Weekly Vehicle Inspection Log must be completed daily prior to initial use of any vehicle by the operator and/ or driver of the unit.


  • Oil , coolant, brake fluid levels & no leaks?

  • Oil , coolant, brake fluid hoses not leaking/perished?

  • Windscreen Wiper water okay?

  • Battery condition, terminals clean & bracket secure?

Tires and Rims

  • All tires & rims including spare are in good condition?

  • Tire(s) visual inspection of thread wear?

  • Tire(s) properly inflated?

  • Wheel nuts are properly set/ fitted and nuts visually inspected?

Operating Station

  • Air-conditioner, windows, doors, windscreen wipers and washers all work?

  • Reversing Alarm (if applicable) and Steering Wheel Horn operational?

  • Seat-belts fitted and quick release and inertia system working?

  • Fuel levels suffice and refeuling is available on route or on site?

  • All mirrors fitted and adjusted and interior is undamage?

  • Steering is smooth from lock to lock and does not shudder?

  • Park Brake, Foot Brake and Clutch operating freely and working?


  • Start Vehicle - All Vehicle Lights, Warning Light, Flashing Beacon and Signals work properly?

  • Interior lighting works properly?


  • Fire Extinguisher fitted and charged and secure?

  • First Aid Kit present, fully stocked, all items in date and none perished?

  • Body inspect, no new bends or dents that have already been noted?

  • Cab interior and body exterior clean and kept to the Company's expectation? (No heavy items left unsecured)

  • Toolkit and jack are present and complete?

  • After short test drive - no unusual sounds vehicle drives normally?

  • Over-all maintained condition of the vehicle on a scale from 1-10 with (1) being the lesser value.

Corrective Actions

  • Select the answer the best applies to your findings:


  • Person-In-Charge Signature:

  • Vehicle Inspector Signature:

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